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Sandy Lovejoy I guessed in most families that is closed net, my is no exception to that rule. perhaps my is unique not becaused we all of us still lived the same town or lived about a mile away from each other. we are still a family in times of trouble and sorrow, however,I'm sure that each one of you has a fond memory of your childhood, i got a few, but however i have at least one fond memory.that i would like to share.During the month of December 1970 as i recall the day had started out normal, it had been snowing alittle i remember how excited i was knowing that "Santa" (the salvation army) was dropping off our toys at 3pm. when you are that young you are more appeciative and graitful to have a toy. which we were glad always. i remember getting a dollhouse a big wheel, and getting "tinkerbell" perfume kit and a mary poppins nurse kit but that doesnt compare to our "Big surprized" that my grandma brought us later on in the day, I recalled it was around dinner time mom had made my sisters and i some homemade chili soup grilled cheese sandwiches our christmas tree was lit and decorate it was a perfect day. my grandma came over she said she got us a big surprize, the surprize was an 60 pound old english sheep dog that we loving named whiskers.well he flew by the tree knocked it down and yet, we were happy to get him of course mom wasn't to thrill about him after he broke the bed after he ran into the bedroom we had the dog for awhile. it's funny how you can remember those comical moments like this. Now i'm alittle older wiser and yes i'm still apprecitive and graitful for the things i do have. and as well as the things i dont have. as for my grandma she passed away in 2002 after a illiness after her 80th birthday
Sep 11, 2005 · posted to the surname Campbell
Sandy Lovejoy this was her gradulation picture
Nov 18, 2005 · posted to the photo my grandma helen-then
Sandy Lovejoy an update through the help of a genealogy personal on aol. i was able to determind that my grandgrandfather was born here in ohio
Sep 03, 2004 · posted to the photo great grandpa joe