Why not settle it socially at Oyster Bay? / Ehrhart.

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Illustration shows a vignette cartoon with a central image showing President Theodore Roosevelt sitting with Russian, Japanese, and possibly Chinese figures at his summer retreat at Oyster Bay; his personal secretary, William Loeb, Jr., is serving drinks. The vignette scenes suggest that the Russo-Japanese war, and the control of Manchuria and Vladivostok be decided by competitions between the Russian leaders and those of Japan and China, such as a swimming race, a woodchopping race, a tennis match, and a contest of telling the tallest fish story.
Ehrhart, S. D. (Samuel D.), ca. 1862-1937, artist
  • Cartoons (Commentary)--1900-1910.
  • Offset photomechanical prints--Color--1900-1910.
  • Periodical illustrations--1900-1910.
  • 1 photomechanical print : offset, color.
Glackens, L. M. (Louis M.), 1866-1933 , artist
  • Title from item.
  • The central image of the illustration is drawn by L.M. Glackens.
  • Illus. in: Puck, v. 57, no. 1479 (1905 July 5), centerfold.
  • Copyright 1905 by Keppler & Schwarzmann.


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