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This is a picture of my paternal grandfather (who I never knew) & my paternal grandmother taken sometime between 1925 & 1935. It was probably taken in Corinth or Hadley, NY, where they were married& lived & where my Dad was born in 1930. My grandfather left his family in 1939. My Dad never acknowleged this man as his father & they never saw each other again until 1988, when Wm. F. Smith Sr. was on his death bed & requested my dad go to see him.
at Unknown, Corinth, Saratoga, New York


Loretta Eichmann Sad story . I had the same problem with my Smith famiiy and never got to know him because of a divorce. Not fair to him or to his grandkids not to get to know him,
Feb 20, 2005 · Reply
Pamela Stanley like wise,I have a father i never knew Jerald LeRoy Smith and also 1/2 sister and other sibling Imay never know,He was born in Oklahoma City If you come across his name let me know [contact link]
Dec 14, 2005 · Reply
Laura Roberts You say NY thats where my Great Grand Father's Father is from but no luck in finding him have no clue as to his first name
Nov 05, 2009 · Reply
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