William H. Snell Family, 1893 Holt family photo
Lynda Byrne

William H. Snell Family, 1893

The family of William H. Snell: This family portrait was taken of his widow and children, just 5 years after William's death in 1888.
The Snells lived in East Wareham, Mass.

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Hi, I am a Snell also family from Smithfield, RI and my father's family was from Massachusetts. I am sure we all are related... Write back when you can. Thanks!

Jan 18, 2003 7:57 am reply
Photo taken at East Wareham, Massachusetts USA on
William H. Snell Family, 1893

Maude Patterson

Born: May 31, 1881
Died: unknown
Also in this photo: Maude Patterson at 12 years old  ·  William G. Snell at 29 years old  ·  Maria Tripp Snell at 46 years old  ·  George Snell at 10 years old  ·  Ella J. Besse at 27 years old  ·  Estella M. Holt at 23 years old  ·  Rowena F. Tripp-Holt at 25 years old  ·  Helen L. Leach at 16 years old  ·  Jesse E. Snell at 19 years old