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William Thomas Jarrells (Tom) holding bible, lady in black dress is his oldest daughter Albert Jarrells Caldwell Moore, next to her is her second husband Phelyn Moore, on the right of him is Lennie Jarrells White Moore, Delialh his wife, don't know the fellow Belva Jarrells Scott, Lula Jarrells May, Julia Jarrells McCormick, second row do not know who the men are, the woman between the two boy children is Martha Jarrells Waugh, and the woman holding the baby is Odess Jarrells Crum. The guy with the hat on his knee could be Charlie Scott who was married to Belva, the older guy with the tie on could be James (Jim) McCormick who was married to Julia or Joseph Moore who was married to Lennie. The fellow in the very back could have been George May. Young fellow with the tie could be Mont Crum.
in Kentucky or West Virginia USA


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