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Updated Aug 13, 2020


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Early Scotts

These are the earliest records we have of the Scott family.

1320 - 1350
1330 - 1370
1478 - Unknown
1515 - 1594
1517 - Unknown
1524 - Aug 14, 1621

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Sample of 20 Scott Biographies

1840 - Unknown
May 3, 1888 - November 1973
Oct 12, 1926 - August 1982
Jun 29, 1903 - February 1982
Apr 11, 1914 - May 1982
Mar 6, 1918 - Sep 27, 2005
Oct 3, 1944 - Nov 29, 1997
Dec 28, 1940 - Nov 14, 2005
Apr 8, 1906 - Nov 27, 1995
Jul 18, 1959 - Sep 4, 2004
Mar 8, 1903 - April 1983
Nov 29, 1922 - Jun 24, 2003
Jan 18, 1882 - September 1975
Nov 21, 1932 - Nov 9, 2009
around 1951 - Unknown
around 1909 - Unknown
around 1845 - Oct 12, 1914
1820 - 1879
Unknown - Unknown
around 1916 - Unknown

Scott Death Records & Life Expectancy

The average age of a Scott family member is 68.9 years old according to our database of 169,118 people with the last name Scott that have a birth and death date listed.

Life Expectancy

68.9 years

Oldest Scotts

These are the longest-lived members of the Scott family on AncientFaces.

Apr 21, 1866 - November 1980
114 years
Apr 22, 1869 - May 1981
112 years
Sep 15, 1872 - October 1983
111 years
Aug 1, 1884 - Jan 31, 1996
111 years
Aug 8, 1874 - October 1984
110 years
Jul 1, 1870 - December 1980
110 years
Oct 1, 1888 - Feb 27, 1998
109 years
Feb 2, 1900 - Sep 4, 2009
109 years
Nov 11, 1885 - Dec 8, 1994
109 years
Dec 2, 1894 - Sep 1, 2002
107 years

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Karlene Pearse
2 favorites
Hi, my name is karlene. My grandfather was Carl Ivan Scott. He lived in Missouri, (60's-70's approx). My father; Wendall Eugene Scott. Birth month; March. He had a sister named Sharon and a brother. I am looking for family. Anyone with information please contact me at [contact link] / Attention Scott; Thank you Karlene.
Jun 10, 2015 · Reply
Dale Scott
1 favorite
William Scott and Fannie Phetteplace would be my Great Grandparents. I know little about them other than they are buried in the Brookside Cemetery in West Branch, Michigan. One son would be Asa Scott and his wife Ethel Rulason my Grandparents. They were divorced and all the children except the baby were put into an orphanage. One being my father William Henry Scott. We knew his brother Edward Asa Scott and I met his sister Edna (Scott) Gregg at my dads funeral. I know there was another son George and a daughter Lyndella Maria.
I never knew my Grandparents even though we all lived in Michigan. One of Asa's sisters married a Horen and they lived in Bay City, Michigan and much of that side of the family is still located in the surrounding areas. My sisters all live in Michigan although I have moved to Washington State and have lived here since 1959. I hope one day to find family pictures or such of any of this family.

What a great site.
Thank you
Mar 07, 2010 · Reply
James Latham
4 favorites
im the grand son of freeman and marybell bruce and the great grand son of george and fannymae bruceand the great grand son of william and mary scott i belive they are all from illinois not sure
Jan 22, 2010 · Reply
Scott Hatch
2 favorites
Taken from the Columbine Genealogical and Historical Society Newsletter


By Phyllis Bauer Delmont

"All you really need to take along to Kansas is a lookin' glass and a rocking chair. then you can sit and rock and watch yourself starve to death Kansas by Roscoe Fleming)

Ten years earlier and fifteen miles southeast Willa Cather's setting for †O Pioneers!,my great grandparents homesteaded in Kansas .Enoch and Piety (Haworth) Scott left Indiana in 1869 with six children, stopping in Iowa with friends for a time and adding two more children to the family before moving on.
They arrived in Kansas in 1871.There first home was a dugout gouged out in the side of a hill. In 1872 a grasshopper invasion leveled anything green.
Piety wrote letters back home to her parents full of homesickness, describing the hard life on the prairie. They are presented as written and with Quaker dating.
Third month the 19th 1875
I don't know of any body that is able to help there selves the friends (Quakers) has been sending some help to friends here and they divide with us as they do with others but there has not bin enough. If we had not belonged to friends and a got help thet way I don't know what would of become of us.
10th month 16th 1879
Well we have had rather bad luck this fall we lost to hogs the too was worth 25 dollars.
Third month 14th 1880
mother I dremp last knight of going in the old garden to gather green apples. O I would like to see thee and the rest of the folks. we have some corn not near enough to do us. we had good early potatoes but late ones did no good the hot weather and the bugs spoilt them we had over 7 hundred cabbages set out and tended them good but worms and dry weather did not let them do much good. i don't know what will become of so many as there is that has nothing to go on.

In a small Quaker cemetery, that is still well cared for, Enoch and Piety buried five of six children born on the prairie. These deaths were never mentioned in the letters. After they moved to the near by town of Burr Oak in 1882 two more children were born and lived.
Nov 24, 2009 · Reply
Kathy Pier
3 favorites
This is my story as best as I can give. My fathers name was Anthony John Scott, my grand-father's name was George Samuel Scott who was born in 1901 and his father was Fredrick George Scott (born 1875) and mother was Mary Hannah Campbell. Somewhere along the way they went to South Africa, so many of my family were brought up there. I do know my Unclue Malcolm is living in America somewhere. I am at the stage in my life where I would like to find anything about my family tree as I don't know much about my father's side of the family.
Apr 09, 2009 · Reply
Cindi Scott
43 favorites
I have seen the many pictures of the Scott family and am wondering what connections they have with my Scott family. I do know that in the early years, many of the Scott's started out in Virginia/West Virginia and slowly migrated west to Oklahoma, Illinoise, Texas and Missouri, etc.. There are other states that I am not thinking of, at the moment. I have noticed that many of the names seem to coincide with my Scotts'. If you are interested in finding more information about the Scott families, a good sight to start would be at [external link] (which is where wvconnected is located at). I have many Scott pictures posted on that website that have not been identified, yet. Most of the pictures are presumably taken in WV, but no positive id's. If you can check out that site and pull up my name there (cindilanhamscott) you can view these pictures. If you have any comments or quesions about these pictures, please email me at [contact link]. Any help would be much appreciated.
Dec 15, 2006 · Reply
Lisa Fuselier
29 favorites
I have a website with Scott family information. Please check it out at [external link]
Lisa Fuselier
Apr 04, 2006 · Reply
John Mckay
1 favorite
The story goes that we are related to General Winfield Scott. Scott is my middle name, and the name I go by.And my fourth great grandmother was Elizabeth Scott from New Jersey. However Winfield is from Virginia. and I am kinda glad I am not related to him, as he was a big slave owner among other attributes, I do not care for.
John S. Mckay
Dec 01, 2002 · Reply
Darla Hobbs-Delarosa
38 favorites
As the story goes, T.D. Scott married my great-grandmother Theadocia Allison on Dec. 16, 1866. One night Mr. Scott attempted to steal either cows or horses from his father-in-law. Mr. Jesse A. Allison. Mr. Allison shot Mr. Scott dead, his daughter Theadocia was with child at the time and later gave birth to baby girl and named her Joannie. Mr. Allison was tried and aquitted in Brown County, Texas. The reason Mr. Allison was aquitted was he had actually caught Mr. Scott stealing his property. This same law is still in effect today in Texas. If someone comes to your home at night, and you believe he/she is attempting to steal your property, you can shoot first and ask questions later.
Darla Hobbs DeLaRosa
Dec 01, 2002 · Reply

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