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This picture had written on the front bottom of the original: "Willie Frost, Age Seven Years." On the back is written: "Willie W. Frost, Born in Nelsonville, O[hio] Feb 19, 1873." The back reveals who took the picture and where. William's father, Alvah P. Frost, was born in June 1837, and married his wife, Julia Watkins, in 1861. They had two children, Willie Watkins Frost and Adelaide Gail Frost, who was born earlier, in 1869. Alvah was a Christian minister, the pastor of the First Christian Church of Athens, Ohio ca 1887. Willie became a Christian minister also, whereas Adelaide, became a missionary in India. At one point, Alvah moved his young family to Minnesota. Years later, unfortunately, Willie died there from an electrical shock. Alvah, his wife, their daughter Adelaide, and their son Willie, are all buried in the Hiram Cemetery in Portage County, Ohio. Alvah P. Frost died 14 June, 1912, William died 25 Sep 1915, William's son by his wife, Bessie M. (?), Dwight Gable Frost, was born in 1899, died in 1918, and Adelaide died in 1928. I wish to thank John Dubois for providing the extra dates and data, which he obtained from cemetery markers and the Hiram College yearbook.
at A. D. Wyant, Photographer, Plainview, Wabasha County, Minnesota


John DuBois Adelaide and William Frost are both buried in the cemetery (with other family members) in Hiram.Ohio --- (not Athens County but Portage County.) William did die of electrical shock in Minnesota but was buried in Hiram, Ohio.
Oct 14, 2011 · Reply
BettyJane Carl John: Thank you so much for your corrections. Do you know what Alvah's wife's name was? Who died in 1912, Alvah or Willie?
Oct 17, 2011 · Reply
Janice Martinez Adelaide Gail Frost was the namesake of my great-grandmother, Adelaide Gail Jenks. Julia Watkins and my g-grandmother were young girls together. I am searching for a photo identified as Adelaide Gail so that I can compare it with unidentified photos I believe contain her pictures.
Dec 04, 2012 · Reply
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