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Updated Apr 14, 2022


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Charles Frost commented on Dec 13, 2003
The Surname Frost is of Scandinavian origin and is common today in Denmark and in those parts of Europe that were overrun by the Danish pirates a thousand or more years ago. It seems certain that it was brought into England either by the Saxons in the fifth century or by the Danes in the ninth century. The Frosts were in England before the Norman Conquest, since, on the authority of the Domesday Book, Alwin Frost held lands in County Hants in the time of Edward the Confessor ( A D 1042-66 ) The next record of the name is in 1135, in Cambridge, England, when Henry Frost founded the Hospital of the Brothers of St John the Evangelist. Out of this hospital grew St John's College, founded in 1509, which stands on the identical lot given by Henry Frost nearly eight hundred years ago. Henry Frost had a son, Robert, who bestowed a message on the Priors of St John's. Early in the next century the direct descendants of Henry, of Cambridge, settled in County Suffolk.
SharonJ Frost commented on May 17, 2010
I am told that my Frost family originated from Wales. They came to the United States and settled in Virginia. My story begins with William Robert Frost and his marriage to Caroline Vandiver, no dates available. There were 9 children from this marriage, one was my great-great grandfather, Absolum H. Frost born June 13, 1852 in Alabama, married Catherine A. (Cottonbell-Cherokee name)born September 1850. One child, my paternal grandfater was born of this marriage, Ezekiel Arlander Frost (birth October 29, 1885) in Itawamba CO, MS., he married Lela Arvella Chism (birth November 13, 1890. There were 13 children from this marriage. My father Lloyd Elthem Frostwas the second child, first son of Ezekiel and Lela Frost. He was born March 29, 1907 in Fulton, MS (Itawamba CO) and died in Memphis, TN on October 8, 1980.
Kelly Frost commented on Dec 22, 2020
Lloyd was my grandfathers brother. My grandpa was Robert frost. His son Bobby or Robert Jr. Is my dad
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