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A photo of Sarah Frances Frost (1865-1950) stage name 'Julia Marlowe' aka 'Fanny Brough'. The Shakespearean actress and suffragette was born in Caldbeck, Cumberland, England. Her parents were John Frost (1838-) and Sarah Hodgson (1845-). When the family emigrated to America in 1875 they changed their surname to 'Brough'. Sarah's first marriage was to actor Robert Schell Taber (1865-1904) in 1894, they separated in 1900. She then married actor Edward Hugh Sothern (1859-1933) in 1911. Retiring in 1924 she died in New York City 1950 aged 85.
Date & Place: Unknown
1865 - 1950
Updated Sep 01, 2017

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British born, her family emigrated to the U.S. when she was 4 and she became a leading Shakespearean stage actress. Late 1800's actresses were beautiful - and lead interesting lives!
Sep 01, 2017 · Reply
Feelings of life
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Katherine Gullett
She is pretty and what an interesting hat. Thanks for your great pictures.
Sep 01, 2017 · Reply
Terri Allen
Lovely picture
Sep 01, 2017 · Reply
Becky Kelly
Love these pictures.
Sep 01, 2017 · Reply
Paula Himmelstein
Beautiful young woman
Sep 01, 2017 · Reply
Caroline Lye
very beautiful woman & love the hat & hair
Sep 01, 2017 · Reply
Jean White
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Astonishingly beautifully Attained! No over made-up cosmetics
Sep 01, 2017 · Reply
Katherine Gullett
My Great Grandmother was a LaRue!
Sep 04, 2017 ·
Jean White
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Katherine Gullett, interesting,,,Where? I married into the family!
Sep 04, 2017 ·
Kip Heatley
Her stage name was Julia Marlowe.
Nov 15, 2017 · Reply
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