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Austin Surname History

The British legends portray the Austin family (a "sept" of the Keith clan from the Highlands of Inverness, Scotland) as a band of ruffians, always pillaging and plundering the villages of Northern England.  Truth be told, those same villages once belonged to Scotland and the land was home to the Austins long before England gained ownership.  So one man's "pillaging" was another man's "reclaiming".  

The Austin family is responsible for leading approximately 1500 pioneers to the plains of Texas, subsequently founding its state capitol and providing the namesake.  They are also responsible for starting the Mexican-American War, no thanks to Stephen Austin's stubborn refusal of negotiation over land with Santa Anna.

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Austin Country of Origin, Nationality, & Ethnicity

Scotland was founded by the Keith (pronounced k'YE-tuck) and Campbell clans during Danish invasion of the Highlands.  Legend has it that the Danes had conquered much of the northern coastline and overrun the clan seat of the Keiths, who then ran to their allies asking for help.  The Campbells joined without question, and together they charged upon the Danes at Inverness (or close to the whereabouts) to reclaim the land.   The leader of the Keiths, still believed by modern historians to be Robert of the Catti tribe, slew the Danish leader in the midst of battle.  As a sign of eternal alliance and friendship, he dipped three fingers into the blood of their enemy and swiped three stripes across the Campbell cheif's face, who then had all the men of Campbell do the same to identify each other in the heat of battle.  From then on, the Campbell crest has borne the three blood-red stripes in rememberance of this alliance.   (These stories have been told by the author's clan (Keith) and sept (Austin), as well as by her best friend's (Campbell) clan.)

Austin Meaning & Etymology

Austin may come from a derivative of the Latin name "Augustus", which means, "Majestic".  The name is first found in Bedfordshire where a family seat has been held since ancient times.  

Austin Pronunciation & Spelling Variations

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In the past, when few people knew how to write, names such as Austin were transcribed based on how they were heard by a scribe when people's names were recorded in public records. This could have resulted in misspellings of Austin. Researching spelling variations and alternate spellings of the Austin last name are important to understanding the etymology of the name. Last names like Austin transform in how they're spelled as they travel across communities, family lines, and countries over the years.

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