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Camlin Surname History

Near as I can tell most but not all people with the Camlin Surname trace their ancestry back to the village of Drumballyrony in Northern Irelands county Down.Other sources for the name include a township in Central Ireland, A Camlin castle in western Ireland near Donegal county& a Camlin Parish also in Northern Ireland.Yet nearly everyone I have traced on my Family tree as well as in Drumballyrony itself appears to be Presbyterian.This would suggest that Ireland's Camlin's were originally transplants from Scotland or Northern England where the surname is somewhat common.(At least in Comparison to the Small number of Camlins in the America's).Most Camlin's in the Americas appear to have settled in Pennsylvania or South Carolina.Florence South Carolina & Either the Philadelphia or greater Pittsburgh area in Pennsylvania.I am Chris(tian) Camlin and my Great-Great Grandfather John William Camlin came over from County Down Ireland and settled in the Pittsburgh area in 1860.Either While at sea or shortly after Arrival he married fellow Passenger Margaret Dalzell whose family was also from Drumballyrony.They raised a large family including My Great Grandfather Alexander Dalzell Camlin who raised a large brood of his own including my Grandfather Calvert Camlin born circa 1906 and passed on in 1988.Other Camlins have spread from Boston to Los Angeles  and a few places in between.

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Camlin Country of Origin, Nationality, & Ethnicity

Most Camlin's who came to America listed Ireland,England or France as their country of origin.

Camlin Meaning & Etymology

The Name Camlin is Gaelic in origin.It's meaning is Crooked Line or Crooked water.

Camlin Pronunciation & Spelling Variations

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In the past, when few people knew how to write, names such as Camlin were transcribed based on how they were heard by a scribe when people's names were recorded in court, church, and government records. This could have given rise misspellings of Camlin. Surnames like Camlin transform in their pronunciation and spelling as they travel across villages, family unions, and countries over the years. Researching spelling variations and alternate spellings of the Camlin name are important to understanding the possible origins of the name.

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