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Drysdale Surname History

the ''Drysdale Document'' c1503 , this was one of the few times in history someone made record of use of an alias name .Drysdale was accepted as a sept of Douglas based on the original list from the book Scots Kith and Kin.

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"On the Twentieth Day of May, One Thousand Five Hundred and Three Years

We, Thomas, William, and James Douglas, sons of the departed Thomas Douglas , of Brushwood Haugh, in the parish of Drysdale, and Shire of Dumfries, left our native place for the reason here assigned, viz:- Defending our just and lawful rights against our unjust neighbour,Johnston of Greenstone Hill, who, being determined to bring water to his mill through our property, and having obtained leave of his friend, the King, began his operations on Monday, the 16th of May, We prevented him by force.
The next day he brought twenty of his vassels to carryout his work. We with two friends and three servants, eight in all, attacked Johnston with his twenty, and, in the contest, fourteen of his men were killed, along with their base leader.

A report of these proceedings was carried to the King, and we were obliged to fly, (the tocsin being sounded).We took shelter under the shades of the Ochil Hills, in a lonely valley on the river Devon. After having lived there a full two years, to returned home in disguise, but found all our property in the possession of Johnston's friends, and a great reward offered for our lives.

We, having purchased a small shot, called the Haugh of Dollar, and changed our names to the name of our Parish, are clearing in mind to spend the residue of our days under the ope of the Ochils, and wish the name of Dryfdale to flourish in the lonely valley.

The King passed through this with his Court on the 12th of June, 1506, going from Stirling to Falkland - dined on Halliday's green. (an eastern neighbour;) but we were not recognised."
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
The above story has been preserved among the descendants of Thomas, William, and James Douglas, now known by the name of Drysdale, and copied at several times by different individuals -
first, by Simon Drysdale of the Haugh of Dollar, in the year 1620;
by Robert Drysdale of Tillicoultry, in 1708;
by John Drysdale, Dunfermline, in 1835;
by James Hogg Drysdale, Dunfermline, in 1838;
and was printed first in the year 1833 by John Drysdale , Montrose ;
and again in the same form by the last named John Drysdale, Glasgow 1883 ;
and now by Thomas D. Drysdale , Westerton Farm , Leslie , Fife , 1906 .

Drysdale Country of Origin, Nationality, & Ethnicity

Drysdale country of origin , Scotland . [ Surnames of Scotland ] ''DRYSDALE , Of local origin from Dryfesdale, a parish in Annandale, popularly pronounced Drysdale. The dale takes its name from the river Dryfe which flows through it . '' ''A Platt of the opposete Borders of Scotland to ye west marches of England" appears on the reverse with the date: "Dec. 1590". The original is held in the British Library,London. [external link] this map will zoom in ... click on the O in SCOTIA and look directly below it . The River DRYFE , this is the basis of the conjunctive DRYFES+DALE , hence the church parish name , and the Surname . For further reading , The topographical, statistical, and historical gazetteer of Scotland (1842) [external link]

Drysdale Meaning & Etymology

Surnames of the United Kingdom: A Concise Etymological Dictionary - Henry Harrison - Google Books , page 123 DRYSDALE (Scot.), Bel. to Drysdale, prop. Dryfesdale =The Dale of the River Dryfe [O.E. dal , O.N. dal~r , a dale]

Drysdale Pronunciation & Spelling Variations

Dryfesdale , Drysdale, Draysdale, Draysdel, Draysdell, Draysdil, Draysdile, Draysdul, Draysdyle, Drisdal, Drisdale, Drisdele, Drisdelle, Drisdil, Drisdile, Drisdul, Drisdyle, Drisedal, Drisedale, Drisedil, Drisedile, Drisedul, Drisedyle, Dryfesdal, Dryfesdale, Dryfesdil, Dryfesdile, Dryfesdul, , Dryisdal, Dryisdale, Dryisdel, Dryisdell, Dryisdil, Dryisdile, Dryisdul, Dryisdyle, Drysdal, Draysdal, Drysdel, Drysdell, Drysdil, Drysdile, Drysdul, Drysdyle , and Also of interest in this area ,============================================================= The Dutch DRIJSDALE spelling I referred to a Dr.@ Cambridge Language Sciences ; who responded '' it would be usual to represent the'' Y '' sound in Drysdale is written with a '' I J''' in Dutch''. It sounds the same ========================================= Truesdale , (English)in its varied forms does not apply for further reading , [external link] Driscoll (Irish) )in its varied forms does not apply for further reading [external link]

Last names similar to Drysdale

Drysdalecory, Drysdalegregary, Drysdale Hauge, Drysdalejoseph, Drysdale-Kane, Drysdalekesterson, Drysdale-Shatwell, Drysdaletimothy, Drysdall, Drysday, Drysdell, Drysdelle, Drysdlae, Drysdle, Drysdol, Drysdoli, Dryseau, Drysel, Dryselius, Dryselt

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Famous People named Drysdale

''The Ruffian James Drysdale'' ========================================== LIFE OF MARY QUEEN OF SCOTS DRAWN FROM THE STATE PAPERS WITH SIX SUBSIDIARY MEMOIRS BY GEORGE CHALMERS FRSSA IN TWO VOLUMES VOL I LONDON PRINTED FOR JOHN MURRAY ALBEMARLE STREET BV W BULMER AND CO CLEVELAND ROW ST JAMES'S 1818================================= Fife and Ashieshiels in Tweedale In January 1602 Sir George Douglas of Holenhill the uncle of the late James Earl of Buchan who married Christian Countess of Buchan and George Douglas's immediate elder brother was cognosced nearest agnate and tutor of Mary Douglas the daughter and apparent heir of James Earl of Buchan Inquisitiones de Tutela George Douglas left a daughter and heiress who married Lord Dalhousie Wood's Peerage ii 273 William Douglas we may see in the list of the faithful followers of the Queen at Carlisle In the Queen's letter to her commissioners of the 2d of January 1568 9 she says Also we understand that William Douglas was tint ost immediately after he had obtained his passport of her good sister which could not have been but by the means of those rebels who bear deadly hatred to all those that has done or do their duty to us And she adds that JAMES DRYSDALE one of the Laird of Lochleven's servants had threatened to murder William Douglas and avowed that he would plant a dagger in her own heart Goodall ii 299 The ruffian Drysdale owed his life to the Queen's clemency for he was concerned in the murder of Rizzio and was pardoned by her This letter shows the Queen's solicitude about little Douglas He was not lost He found his way to Paris Sir F Walsingham Elizabeth's ambassador on the 18th of October 1572 wrote to Sir T Smith the secretary of state Little Douglas who convoyed the Queen of Scots out of Lochleven departeth out of hand into Scotland who besides other conference with the King hath had long conference with the Queen mother her ambassador being present Digges 275 William Douglas is mentioned by the Queen in her last will and testament as having a pension . ========================================================== Earliest recorded Drysdale in North America 1665 Was found in Virginia Colonial Abstracts Volume 3 , page 320 , and reads as such ''p.547 Howell Pryse hath proved right by testimony produced to 750 acres of Land for the importacon [importation] of Edmond Vickery , James King , Richd Newman , Tho. Morris , William Cooper , Willm Reynolds , JAMES DRYSDALE............... Drysdale , for instance, with the undignified pronunciation of ''Drizzle'' http://douglashistory.ning.com/photo/a-picture-for-you?commentId=3482022%3AComment%3A59785 HUGH DRYSDALE was lieutenant governor of Virginia, ruling the colony in the absence of Governor George Douglas- Hamilton, first earl of Orkney, from 1722 until his death in 1726. Born in Ireland and educated in Dublin and at Oxford, Drysdale served in the English army in Portugal early in the War of Spanish Succession (1701–1714). He retired in 1722 and likely knew Orkney, a leading military man and a member of the official household of George I. Through this connection, Drysdale was appointed lieutenant governor of Virginia and impressed the Council of State with his "Courteous disposition." He called the General Assembly in 1723 and amid fears of an insurrection proposed reforms to laws related to crimes committed by slaves. Drysdale also approved a bill aimed at raising the price of tobacco. He failed, however, at reforming land office practices that had allowed the former governor Alexander Spotswood to accumulate large quantities of land. Shortly after calling a second assembly in 1726, Drysdale died in Williamsburg, Virginia .================================================ http://douglashistory.ning.com/photo/hugh-drysdale Referenced : Executive Journals, Councils of Colonial Virginia . , Drysdale, Hugh, commissioned governorof Virginia,for further reading see index for varied pages .http://ia700404.us.archive.org/34/items/executivejournal04virg/executivejournal04virg.pdf ========================================================= Vera Louise Drysdale , Artist , Alexander John Drysdale Artist , George Russell Drysdale Artist , Learmont Drysdale , Composer , Madge York , Actress her real name Margaret W. Drysdale Don Drysdale , Baseball Player ,

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