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Terri Saturday William acted as oversear of Etheldred's many plantations during the Civil War and up to the time of Etheldred's death.

In 1866 council to his will, Etheldred made a cash gift to his daughter Mildred Bird to compensate her for the trouble and expense ... in consequence of my present illness at her house." Etheldred evidently died at the home of his daughters, who were Rebecca, Cordelia and Emma, Etheldred left, along with land, household furniture and agricultural implements."

We regret to announce the death of Mr. William C. Edwards, which occurred at his home in this county yesterday morning at seven o'clock. He leaves a wife and several children with whom we deeply sympathize in their bereavement. Paper dated 10-26-1883 so he must have died 10-25-1883.

William C. D. Edwards was hauling wood with a wagon and pair of mules. A crooked stick of wood was thrown on the wagon it bounced and hit one of the mules and frightened it. The Mules ran away, and ran over a peach tree. He received a back injury. It is not known how long he lived after this, but his death was caused from this injury.

William C. D. Edwards married on April 09, 1863 to Annie Daniel, she was the [external link] grandaughter of Gen. Allen Daniel, for whom town of Danielsville, Georgia was named. He was revolutionary soldier of Va and A Justice of the peace Elbert Co., Ga.

After her death William C. D. Edwards married his cousin the widow of Sol Lunceford, Priscilla Ann Ogletree. Priscilla was the daughter of Asbury F Ogletree and Martha Ann Thompson. Asbury was the brother to Julia Ogletree Edwards, William C. D. Edwards' mother.
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