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  • John 3.3%
  • William 3.2%
  • James 3.2%
  • George 2.1%
  • Mary 2.0%
  • Robert 1.8%
  • Charles 1.7%
  • Thomas 1.1%
  • Joseph 1.0%
  • Kenneth 0.8%
  • Margaret 0.7%
  • Ruth 0.7%
  • Paul 0.7%
  • Dorothy 0.7%
  • Frank 0.7%
  • Helen 0.7%
  • David 0.6%
  • Harold 0.6%
  • Elizabeth 0.6%
  • Richard 0.6%

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Erlene Best A Portrait of George Harlan (#672)
Submitted by Arnold "Tim" Suter, Gibbstown, N.J.
Extracted from a letter to Phillip Suter, from his aunt, Helen Vickroy Austin (#5759), Jan. 27, 1920

"I remember Grandfather George Harlan very well. I do not know as much of his history as I ought to. He was a large man, six feet two inches and stout. He and his brother Joshua, who was a pioneer of Connersville, Fayette County, Indianna: [sic] were said to be the two handsomest men between the two Miami Rivers, Mother used to tell us. He was very fair and had blue eyes. He had a heavy beard but always shaved. When I knew him his hair was white. He was fat and fair and quite lame from inflammatory rheumatism. He had been a great athlete in his prime and in wrestling with an Indian "downed" him three times, he used to relate. Grandfather had a strong intellect and was very intelligent and had a library, that for the time was very extensive. He was a great talker and fond of telling anecdotes and "yarns" and was a great laugher and cheerful and cordial and hospitable."

Correction The burial site of George and Elizabeth Harlan is at Centre Meeting House in Centerville, Del., not Old Kennett Meeting House in Chadds Ford, as mentioned in the September Reunion letter.
Feb 11, 2011 · Reply