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Most Common First Names

  • William 2.9%
  • James 2.7%
  • John 2.7%
  • Robert 1.9%
  • Mary 1.7%
  • Charles 1.7%
  • George 1.4%
  • Joseph 0.8%
  • Thomas 0.8%
  • Richard 0.7%
  • Henry 0.7%
  • Helen 0.6%
  • David 0.6%
  • Willie 0.6%
  • Edward 0.6%
  • Walter 0.6%
  • Margaret 0.6%
  • Dorothy 0.5%
  • Harry 0.5%
  • Harold 0.5%

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Life Expectancy

71.3 years

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Linda Hutchens Searching for descendant's of the following:

(1) DARLING HUFF who was born Abt. 1826 in South Carolina and died c 1896 in Lancaster County South Carolina. Darling Huff married Lydia Angeline Knighton 10 Apr 1851 in Benton/Calhoun County, Alabama. For whatever his reason Darling Huff returned to Lancaster Co SC between 1866 and 1870 leaving his wife and children behind. Darling Huff's obituary says he "went out to Alabama before the war" and that "he still has family living there".

Darling Huff and wife Lydia Angeline Knighton had the following children:

JOHN W. HUFF, b. 16 Aug 1852, Benton County, Alabama; d. 28 Sep 1927, Forney, Cherokee County, Alabama.

MARY F. HUFF, b. Abt. 1858, Benton County, Alabama; d. 28 Jul 1924, Cropwell, St. Clair County, Alabama.

THOMAS MERCER HUFF, b. 10 Sep 1856, Shoal Creek, Benton/Calhoun County, Alabama; d. 24 Mar 1942, buried at Cleburne Memorial Cemetery, Cleburne, Johnson County, Texas.

WILLIAM HUFF, b. Abt. 1866, Calhoun/Cleburne County, Alabama.

It is the youngest child William Huff born about 1866 that I need to locate after 1880 where he is in the household of his mother Lydia/Letta HOUGH. I have more information I would share about the other three children but I do not know where to begin in searching for William Huff b. 1866 in Cleburne County, Alabama.
Sep 10, 2008 · Reply
Ronnie Huff Hello my name is Ronnie Huff Sr. Grandson of Robert (RS) Huff and Son of Dianne Huff and I am trying to learn my family origin. If you think we are related? Please feel free to contact me with any infomation you would like to discuss.
Feb 15, 2014 · Reply
Ronnie Huff My name is Ronnie Huff Sr Grandson of Robert (RS) Huff. His daughter Dianne Huff is my mother. This is an attempt to reach out to any members of the Huff familytree and really get to know more about my roots. I have children of my own and I also would like to know where they come as well. So Huff family let's find out how we are related to eachother.
Feb 15, 2014 · Reply