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Most Common First Names

  • John 6.3%
  • William 4.0%
  • James 3.9%
  • Mcfarlane 2.9%
  • Robert 2.8%
  • Mary 2.3%
  • George 1.8%
  • Margaret 1.6%
  • Charles 1.4%
  • Thomas 1.4%
  • David 1.1%
  • Elizabeth 1.1%
  • Walter 0.9%
  • Alexander 0.9%
  • Duncan 0.8%
  • Malcolm 0.8%
  • Archibald 0.7%
  • Andrew 0.7%
  • Annie 0.6%
  • Catherine 0.6%

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Wendy Myers I'd like to speak via email to someone in the Mcfarlane family who has information on Harriet Byrne Brace (wife of William Brace). I am a relative through the Byrne family. She would be my great, great aunt. I would like to know what happened to her brothers, James and Moses. Did they also move to Australia or did they die in England? Also, why did William and Harriet move to Australia? I also have questions about Harriet's father, Moses Byrne. Did she every know what became of him in America? My email address is [contact link]
Mar 04, 2015 · Reply