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Most Common First Names

  • John 6.5%
  • James 4.6%
  • Mary 4.1%
  • William 3.4%
  • Thomas 3.0%
  • Joseph 1.8%
  • Robert 1.8%
  • Edward 1.7%
  • Margaret 1.6%
  • Charles 1.6%
  • Michael 1.2%
  • George 1.2%
  • Patrick 1.2%
  • Catherine 0.9%
  • Helen 0.9%
  • Elizabeth 0.9%
  • Frank 0.8%
  • Francis 0.8%
  • Richard 0.7%
  • Anna 0.7%

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Michael Mullen Looking for info on Calvin Mullen his father is Henry S. Mullen of Arkansas I may have picture of Henry I am not sure . Also very interested in Thomas Mullen and Elizabeth Sutton (Henry's parents) as well as Abraham Mullen and Mary Turner . Calvin is my 3rd g-gpa from his first wife Margaret Cooper. Their children , Fred (my line) , Samuel , and Harvey. Fred married Callie Wells and had my grand father Thurman Clyde . Any pics or info would be great to include Joseph and Greenberry (Henry's brothers ) as well as Mathenia and Sarah Mhoon (Henry's sisters)
Nov 23, 2014 · Reply
L. L. All Hello Michael. I am a descendent of Henry S. Mullen of Arkansas. My birth name being Mullen. If you wish to make contact, let me know. I have some information but probably not much on Calvin's line. Loretta
Mar 17, 2015 · Reply
Michael Mullen Hello Loretta , Yes this would be great !! I was just talking to another family member she comes from James (Calvin's older bro) . She is an old timer at this and we have found some very interesting facts about us Arkansas Mullen . I would welcome any thoughts and opinion on this subject . In fact Cuz we could use a 3rd opinion . I can clearly state for the both of us that you join our little research I think you will be amazed at how large and complex our family became . please contact me at [contact link]

thank you for your reply:
Michael Mullen
Mar 18, 2015 · Reply
Michael Mullen Hello again Loretta I am going to guess you are from George Washington Mullen...
Mar 19, 2015 · Reply