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Most Common First Names

  • William 3.6%
  • John 3.0%
  • James 2.4%
  • Charles 1.8%
  • George 1.8%
  • Mary 1.8%
  • Robert 1.4%
  • Joseph 1.1%
  • Henry 1.1%
  • Richard 0.9%
  • Thomas 0.9%
  • Thorn 0.9%
  • Elizabeth 0.8%
  • Anna 0.8%
  • Harold 0.7%
  • Edward 0.7%
  • David 0.7%
  • Walter 0.7%
  • Frank 0.6%
  • Arthur 0.6%

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Life Expectancy

68.9 years

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Curtis Cecil Bert Martin Thorn is my Greatgrandfather.
He played on the 1910 Chicago Staleys who were in 1911 made the Chicago Bears.
He also was a prize fighter who fought with his brother. He went by the name of 'Kid Martin'.
An uncle (a son of Bert) saw a photo of him in his boxing gear with his borther Orville and his father but when he went back a year later to ask about purchasing the photo the bar was gone.
Jun 02, 2008 · Reply