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About: RESEARCHING SURNAMES: PATERNAL: Alexander (SCOT>IRE>PA) * Asbury * Beaconsall * Bostock * Breneman (SWITZ>PA) * Clarkson (ENG>MD?>PA) * Coleman (PA) * Cooper/Cowper (UK) * Cotton * Dormer * Fischer (PA) * Gaeumann (SWITZ>PA) * Galloway * Gerber (SWITZ>PA) * Grove (PA) * Havers * Hawk (SCOT>PA) * Huddleston (PA/VA) * Jeffries (PA) * Johnstin (SCOT>PA) * Loyd (PA) * Longenecker (SWITZ>PA) * Lyte (ENG>Barb?>PA) * Martin (MD?>PA) * McJunkin (SCOT>IRE>PA) * Moore (PA) * Neuenschwander (SWITZ>PA) * Oram (WALES>NJ?>PA?) * Patterson * Peeling (>PA?) * Porter (UK) * Reinhart (PA) * Saltzer (PA) * Spang (GER>PA) * Stuart (SCOT>PA) * Sutton * Wilkinson (PA/VA) * Witmer (SWITZ>PA) MATERNAL: Bowers (NY>MI) * Bundy (NY) * Butler (VT>Warren NY) * Cade * Carr (NY) * Dickerson/var. (>MI) * Dust/Doost (>MI?) * Havens (>MI) * North (NY>MI) * O'Dell (NY>MI) * Raymond * Robinson (NY>MI) * Teachout (>MI?) * VanDyke * VanOrder (NJ/NY>MI)

Researching: Teachout, Mcjunkin, Lyte, Vanorder, Johnstin, Longenecker

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Grown man dressed in "Yankee Doodle Dandy" 4th of July type costume. In posed setting of photographer's studio. Printed in sepia-tone on post card. Never...
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Old school house in ghosttown of Douglas Flat, CA.
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Anita Williams A Longenecker Tradition... From early childhood, I recall my mother baking these cookies at Christmastime. She was given the recipe by my paternal grandmother, Ruth May Longenecker Lyte. Little did I realize, until I read "Pitchforks and Pitchpipes" that this was an "inherited" recipe...obviously passed down through many generations of Longeneckers. In that light, I share it again. If you recognize Sand Tarts as one of your family traditions, please email me and let me know YOUR history of this family favorite. ------------------------------------------------ SAND TARTS 1 pound sugar (2 cups) 3/4 pound BUTTER 1 egg 4 1/4 to 4 1/2 cups sifted flour 2 teaspoons vanilla Blend sugar and butter, add egg and vanilla. In portions, add in sifted flour until dough is firm. Make dough the day before baking. Leave it in a covered bowl in the cupboard. [Mother may have left the bowl in a "cooler" cupboard she had. I think I let it rest overnight in the refrigerator.--aw] Roll out thin [on a minimally floured surface], cut into shapes with cookie cutters. Brush tops with whites of eggs, sprinkle with cinnamon sugar and add a few chopped walnut pieces in center of each cookie, pressing in gently. Bake 15 minutes in 350 degree oven...til lightly browned on top. Cool, then store in covered box. [Don't substitute ANY ingredients or these cookies won't taste the same--aw] Upon reading this recipe, I realized I had to add a note or two...the women in our family made it from memory...and familiarity. That won't be the case for all of you so I thought a little clarification was in order.
Jun 12, 2004 · posted to the surname Longenecker