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Ann Lewis Father WOOD’s Family John WOOD of Standon, his great,great grandfather “Probably a yeoman famer living in the 17th century.”( J.R. Wood) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- William WOOD of Hatton, his great grandfather (1726-1786) “John (William?) Wood of Hatton in the County of Shropshire, England, had issue.” (Massey) “Married Judith Asprey who died in 1808. Both are named on their son’s vault at Seale and also in a biographical note in the preface of their youngest son’s, the Reverend William Wood’s book (Death Bed Scenes) of which I have a copy. Of the children of William Wood of Hatton I have details of the following: -William Wood of Fulham, Coulston and Canterbury, -John Wood of Seale, -Elizabeth Wood, third daughter of William and Judith who married Ann Hudson of Pankridge There must have been other children, at least tow daughters and probably sons who died possibly as infants.”…( J.R. Wood) “I have portraits of William & Judith Wood- Father Edmund’s gt. Grandparents. .” (J.R. Wood) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- John WOOD of Seale (or the younger), his grandfather (1776-1847) “John the younger of Hatton, Captain of the King’s Regiment of Mounted Shropshire Yeomanry, bought Seale Manor Farm near Farnham, in the Country of Surrey, 300 acres and built mansion about 1798, buried in the family vault at Seale. Old family Bible with record probably in the possession of Mrs. Charles Wood of Blackheath near London of Edward Wood ( son of Lewis Wood) of Baring Bros, London.” (Massey) “John Wood of seale the younger married Mary Dickenson and had issue.” (Massey) “ Inscription on stone over vault at Seale: Sacred to the memory of Mary the wife of John Wood of Seale Lodge, in the county of Surrey, who died July 6,1832 aged 57 years, also the memory of Ellen daughter of the above who died May 1, 1821 aged 17 years, also Elizabeth the sister of the above John Wood, third daughter of the late William and Judith Wood of hatton in the Country of Surrey who died the 27th September 1811 aged 77 years. The vault was finally closed after receiving the mortal remains of the aforesaid John Wood of Seale Lodge who died 29th September 1847 aged 81 years.” ( J.R. Wood) “ his wife Mary (nee Dickenson) 1775-1832’ ( J.R. Wood ) “I have portraits…of John Wood of Seale, his grandfather& also a silhouette of Mary (Dickenson) the latter’s wife.” ( J.R. Wood) John Wood of Seale’s brothers and sisters- Fr. Wood’s great Uncles and aunts -John WOOD “banker, head partner in the bank of Messrs. Childs. Co., Temple Bar, London, married Mrs. Hodgson but died without issue. James Wood of Childs Bank left all his property without reserve to his wife, by her will (now in charge of Joseph Bryan, Esq., Counsellor at Law in Richmond, Virginia) she devised the whole property, with exception of the Mill Farm and Mill, to Alfred, the son of Richard Wood of Red Lion Square, with reversion to her natural heirs should die with out issue; he must now be deep in the sixties and at the time of my brother Arthur’s visit to Washington was still unmarried. The property, real estate as far as I can make out, is worth about 1500 pounds a year, say $7500. About 100,000 pounds was squandered in an attempt to colonise some island off the mouth of the St. Lawrence River. According to the opinion of Virginia and Canadian Lawyers, the property will fall to me as closest heir, Failing my life, the whole will go to my son William Dickenson the head of the elder branch of the family, Colonel Wood of Littleton )1850) succeeded by Sir Evelyn Wood being the head of the younger branch.” (Massey) “ From a tablet in the parish church at Pankridge, Staffordshire: Sacred to the memory of John Hodson Esq. of this place born June 21st 1760 died March 15th 1836 (or 1833) also of Anne Hodson wife of the above born March 13th 1765 died November 16th 1845 also of Anne daughter of the above and widow of James Wood Esq. of Temple Bar London died March 8th 1874 aged 82 years .” ( J.R. Wood) “Our father’s favorite uncle ( James) married Anne Hodson of Haling Grove, Pankridge, Who died March 1874 many years after her husband, note by Anna Wood written in 1924. She was the daughter of the Rev. James Wood.” ( J.R. Wood) “He was Senior Partner in Child’s Bank, Fleet Street London” ( J.R. Wood) -Rev. William WOOD “ rector of Fulham, near London and Prebend of Canterbury, William Wood, rector of Fulham, eldest son Gyne Wood bought land ( 1830 or thereabouts) where the present city of Toronto now stands, abandoned it after a few years, returned to England, was ordained and became rector of Christ’s Church, if his heirs would look after this it would be worth a million or two. - Granville the 2nd son entered the Navy and became commander of the Hound, Navy list in the 40s. Astly Cooper Key was at the same time in command of the Bulldog. - Almeric or Theodore went into the diplomatic service and died at Constantinople as attache to the British Embassy.” ( Massy) “ The William Wood Mentioned as John Wood of Seale’s brother was Vicar of Fulham, Canon of Canterbury, Prebendary of St. Paul’s and Vicar of Coulsdon, Surrey. He was Father Edmund’s great uncle ( one of his sons entered the church) . W. Wood wrote a 4-volume book “Death Scenes & Pastoral Conversations, published by John Murray, Albermarle St. London. 1830. Published under a nom de plume “John Warton D.D.” Third Edition published by Calkin & Budd, Pall Mall, 1841. The Preface states the author of Death Bed Scenes is announced to have been Rev. William Wood whose father was William Wood, a respectable yeoman residing at Hatton, Skiffnall, Salop (Shrop.?) and married to Judith Asprey. William his third son was born in 1760”. I have paintings of his parents”. ( J.R. Wood) “ Father Edmund’s great uncle William Wood was probably a great influence in his life - he was vicar of Fulham, Canon of Canterbury, Prebendary of St. Paul’s and vicar of Coulsdon, Surrey. At least one of his sons took holy orders and was vicar Christ Church, Lancaster Gate, London, now demolished.” ( J.R. Wood) - Eliza WOOD “ spinster, buried at Seale.” ( Massey) “ Elizabeth Wood third daughter of William and Judith Wood who died 27th September 1811 aged 77 years and is buried at Seale” ( J.R. Wood) - Ann WOOD “ spinster, buried at Stockwell near London.” ( Massey) - Richard WOOD “ Jamaica Merchant, Mincing Lane and Red Lion Square, London.” ( Massey) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - William WOOD his father ( July 8, 1800 - August 27, 1859) “ Married Anne Aston Key, Banker “ Child’s Bank” no 2 Fleet St. L’don, also of Seale Lodge Surrey.” ( French) “ had at least three brothers, Richard, John and James, who had sons. Charles ( who married Green wo---). Edward who had a sister Ellen living in the “70s” in Groves Terrace, Kensington Way (Barings Pows??). - Had at least three sisters, unmarried, Anne, Lucy and Mary Anne living with Mary Hellingdon, Uxbridge.” ( French) “ William. Parnter in Childs Bank and afterwards of Montreal, Canada, died and was buried there about 1856. William Wood of Childs Bank was struck by the forefoot of a wounded moose at his farm, near Lake Temiscouata, Quebec. The Indians found him and the moose as if dead lying together, they took him to their camp where he partially revived but for six weeks he couldn’t give any account of himself, the pain from the blow never left him and he took opium for relief, an overdose proved fatal at Montreal in 1856.” ( Massey) “ William Wood left Child’s Bank and migrated to Canada, tried farming. He Married Anne Aston Key, He had two daughters (Mary Anne born 1832, married Thomas Cross and Ellen Marion, married Hon. John Hamilton) and four sons ( Edmund, Arthur, John Key and William). ( J.R. Wood) William Wood’s brothers and sisters - Fr. Wood’s paternal uncles and aunts - James Dickinson WOOD “ born 1799 - 1800, died an infant” ( J.R. Wood) - Elizabeth Ann WOOD (December 23, 1801- August 25, 1870) “ spinster” ( Massey) - Lewis WOOD ( May 1803 - December 5, 1873) “farmer, married Miss Eliza Cook and had issue, Henry went to New Zealand, Lewis, Ellen, Edward, godson of W.R. Wood and late of Messrs. Baring Bros. of London. ( Massey) “ married Ellen Cooke” ( J.R. Wood) - James WOOD ( November 24, 1804 - August 10, 1881) “ rector of Warnham near Horsham, had issue.” (Massey) He had a son John Wood born 1881... Was my gather & not a member of the church, tho’ he hoped that I would follow in his father’s and grandfather’s footsteps, but I didn’t feel able to.” ( J.R. Wood) “ married Marianne Sargeaunt” ( J.R. Wood) “ Anna Wood written in 1924. She was the daughter of the Rev. James Wood.” ( J.R. Wood) - John WOOD ( February 18, 1806 - died 1837) “ Honourable, East India Company Service, married Miss Dana of the Boston family, died in India, leaving two sons, Charles and James, all now dead.” ( Massey) - Charles WOOD ( April 1, 1807 - July?) “ Bombay Native Light Infantry” ( J.R. Wood) - Ellen WOOD ( May 13, 1808 - May 16, 1825) - Lucy WOOD ( July 3, 1810 - May 13, 1859 or 1889) - Marianne WOOD ( October 19, 1812 - June 6, 1892) “ spinster” ( Massey) - Richard WOOD ( December 26, 1813 - May 26, 1875) “ late of Messrs. Willis, Percival & Co., bankers, Lombard St., London. ( Massey) “ Bachelor ( Uncle Dick)” ( J.R. Wood) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Anne Aston KEY, his mother Her father Thomas Key. “ Dr. Key, Medical Man, had issue.” ( French) “ Thomas Key, M.P. of Hemel Hempstead, Norfolk and Lombard Street, London, had issue. ( Massey) “ wife of William Wood. ( French) “ Anne Aston married William eldest son of John Wood the younger” (Massey) Anne Aston Key’s brothers and sisters - Fr. Wood’s maternal uncles and aunts. - Aston KEY “noted surgeon Guy’s Hospital - after his death, family lived in Hemel Hempstead, had sons, Admiral Cooper Key, Benjamin Key ( Commander Royal Navy, lived at Portsmouth in retirement, a noted ------ Plymouth Brother. Among sisters was Mina Key.” ( French) “ Charles Aston M.R.C.S. of Guys Hospital, surgeon to Prince Albert, died of cholera 1849.” ( Massey) “ Charles Aston Key married daughter of Sir Astley Cooper M.R.C.S. ( Baronet Admiral R.N. nany list from 1840), had issue Henry D.D. Rev. of Hemel Hempstead or near; Aston, died in India; Bransley, Post Captain R.N., and others.” ( Massey) - Thomas Hewitt KEY “ ( Cantab), Professor of Comparative Grammar, University College, Gower Street, And Headmaster, University College School. Lived at 21 Westbourne Square, Had sons: Thomas (barrister), Gilbert ( Pst Capt. R.N.) , Richard ( lived in India). Daughters: Sarah ( Minnie, unmarried).” ( French) “ One of the original professors at the University of Virginia, Charlotteville, after professor of Latin and Mathematics at the University of London. (Massey) “ Married ---- Froward, had issue. Sarah born in Virginia, spinster. Mary Barry named after our cousin Sir Charles Barry, Architect of the new House of Parliament, London. Gilbert Froward, Post Captain R.N., Navy list 1850. Emma, married ----- Wornum. Thomas, barrister, married sister of Holman Hunt the artist” ( Massey) “ Thomas Hewitt Key came with our old friend George Long and Mr. Venables as professor to the new university of Virginia at the invitation of Jefferson; he and Mr. Long returned to England.” ( Massey) - Mary KEY “ ( unmarried), commonly called “auntie”, living with the three maiden Wood at Hellindon.” ( French) “ Mary Lindop, spinster” ( Massey) - Emma KEY “ ( wife of Prof. William----)” ( French) - ----- KEY “ ( Wife of Savery, Mother of Frank and Harold, Blue Coat boys) (French) - Harriet KEY “ wife of Fred Goddey, several descendants, among them K. Evele-- living near Stroud---. ( French) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Father Wood and his brothers and sister 1. James WOOD “ died in infancy” ( French). 2. William WOOD “ went out to California in 1849, came to Montreal in 1865, married Annie Radiger, went to Hursqvanna County, Virginia died there, having at least one son.” ( French) “ William, son of William, married to Anne Sophia, daughter of Nicholas Badiger and Margaret his wife, sister of John and William Bleaky of Montreal, by the Rev. Edmund Wood at the Church of St. John the Evangelist, Montreal, had issue: Anne Bleaky Wood ( died young), John Key ( died young), William Dickenson, Julia Bryan, Charles Badiger.) (William Dickenson is Uncle Willie, Julia Bryan is Aunt Julie, Charles Badiger is your grandfather) ( Massey) “ William , gold miner of California from 1849 to1865 - afterwards of Virginia.” (Massey) Photograph in Miss Nellie Wood’s possession shows him with two sons (William D. and Charles. William D. being Uncle Willie and Charles being your grandfather) and his brother Arthur. There was also a daughter, Mrs. Julia Wood Massey. ( Harper) “ The Masseys are Methodists.” (Slaterry) 3. Arthur WOOD “ Studied Law came to Montreal, entered Office of Liverpool, London and Globe Insurance Co., died in Montreal General Hospital Surgical Ward, results of fall entering his lodging house, on a very stormy night, became ( while in the ---) a Roman Catholic, Buried in Cote des Neiges Cemetery Montreal, unmarried.” (French) 4. The Rev. Edmund WOOD, Our father founder. “ born on 27 February 1830 in Lombard Street, London, within sound of Bow Bells, third son of William Wood of Seale Lodge, Surrey, And Anne Aston Key. He came from a family of teachers who also gave many sons to the sacred ministry- on his father’s side, six and on his mother’s side two ( one of whom, B.L. Key, was to be Bishop of St. John’s, South Africa, and to do remarkable work among the Africans). Edmund Wood was baptized in the Church of St. Edmund the Martyer, which may account for his Christian name. He was educated at Turrell’s School, Brighton, and at the University College School, Gower Street, London, Where is uncle, T. Hewitt Key, was headmaster. He spent one term at St. John’s College, Oxford, but owing to family reverses he went to University College, Durham, where he was connected with the Cathedral Choir. He graduated as B.A. in 1854 and as a M.A. in 1857. He was ordained deacon by the Bishop of Manchester (Dr. Lee), acting for the Bishop of Durham (Dr. Maltby), in 1855, and was immediately appointed to his first curacy at Houghton-le-Spring, Durham, where he worked amoung the pitmen in the coal districts. The Hon. And Rev. John Gray was his first rector. His parents, one brother, and two sisters had migrated to Canada in 1849, living first at Grand Falls, New Brunswick, then Temiscouata, Quebec, and finally at Montreal. After his father died in Montreal in 1857.…” (Parish Jubilee Book) 5. Mary Anne WOOD “ engaged to William Deutz (?) French (who died during the engagement in Saint John, New Brunswick), afterwards married to Thos. Cross in Civil Service, Ottawa. After his death , returned to England and died. One son Kenaston, St. John’s College Oxford, Married Margery Gisborne of Ottawa, returned to England and died there.” ( French) “ Kenaston Cross should be Kyaston Cross and George Edward Kynaston Cross’s wife was Margaret Maud ( Kynaston Cross) nee Gisborne - her father was involved in the laying of the first transatlantic cable. I stayed with her for many years until her death in 1955.” (J.R. Wood) “ Mary Anne, married Thomas Cross, Head of Department of Canals and Railroads, Ottawa, Canada. Mary Anne married Tom Cross brother of Sir Richard Astoon Cross, this is the younger branch of the family of Lord Cross who was Secretary of State for India under Gladstone. All the Cross family are cotton men of Manchester. After the death of Tom Cross, Mary Anne Spent two years in England with old Lady Cross, their grandson little George ( son of little George in the Photo) died there and Mary Anne returned to Montreal where she still remains.” (Massey) “ Thomas Cross, a civil servant in Ottawa, Head of Canals and Railroads. A son ( or grandson?) Kenaston died in WW1. At least one grandson George. (Harper) “ I spent most of my school holidays from 1923-1931 at the Hampshire Home of Mrs. M.A.Cross ( Father Edmund’s sister); she was then a very old woman but intensely proud of her brother and when one of my younger brothers was christened Edmund she was delighted that the name Edmund would continue in the Wood family. Mrs. Cross ( we knew her as Grannie Cross) had only one child, a son, who died in 1894 and her only grandchild was killed in World War 1 in 1916 in his early thirties. With no direct descendants, she took a great interest in my father’s family - particularly in their education and ultimately bequeathed her furniture and other possessions to my brother Edmund and to our brothers and sisters. He excellent taste is reflected in the many beautiful items which we inherited. She was proud too of Father Edmund’s compassion and care of the sick and needy and his love of music. She also left a legacy to her grandson (TEK Cross)’s school to found a scholarship in his memory. “ Mrs. Cross had come to England from Canada in the eighten-nineties in the hope that the milder climate might save her only son’s life (he was suffering from TB), After his death in 1894 she devoted herself to providing for her grandson who was educated at Clifton College and the Military Academy at Woolwich. He was commissioned into the Royal Artillery and was killed at Mons in 1916. That event over - shadowed the rest of her life and she died in 1931 at the age of 99. She is buried at Church Crookham. I remember her telling me of her family’s early days in Canada and their home catching fire in mid-winter, when they fled from the blaze with little else then the clothes they stood in.” (J.R. Wood) 6. John Key WOOD “ died in California” (French) “ youngest son of William Wood and Anne Aston Key, midshipman in Royal Navy sloop HMS “Tweed”, afterwards Packet Mail S.S. Co. San Francisco, purser on S.S. Golden Gate, when burnt off coast of Mexico, died on shore service in the Office in 1868 or 1869. Remains removed to Montreal and buried in Mt. Royal Cemetery, Section C. Being the second husband of Mary Frances Harrigan, widow of Arthur French. Had issue: John Key - died in infancy. William Key ( married Emmeline Branchaud, had issue, two daughters Marie and Nellie, died in Montreal, buried in same grave as his Uncle Arthur Wood). Annie, sister of Sacred Heart, died. Ellen ( Nellie), sister of Sacred Heart, “Dora”. Johanna Key, posthumous, died in infancy.” ( French) “ John Key, midshipman on H.M.S. Tweed - Lord Francis Russel, commander, afterwards of Pacific Mail, S.S. at San Francisco. John Key Wood married the widow of Arthur French of the Pacific Mail S.S. who was lost in the S. S. Northerner on the Oregon Coast. By her he had a son John who died young, two daughters who have taken the black veil in New York, also a son William Key now in the service of the Canadian Pacific R.R. living with his wife at 71 St. Famille St. Montreal.” (Massey) “ Sailor, first in the Royal Navy then in the Merchant Marine, married Mary Frances Harrigan, widow of Arthur French, and mother of the Rev. Arthur French, our second rector. Two of their children died in infancy, Johanna Theodora Key Wood and John Key Wood Jr. (both buried in Mount Royal Cemetery). Two daughters became R.C. nuns in the Congregation of the Sacred Heart; Anned Aston Key Wood who is buried at Sault au Recollet and Helen ( Nellie) Wood who died in England. A son William Key Wood married Emmeline Branchaud and had two daughter, Marie Key Wood and Nellie Key Wood ( lived in Montreal, died there in 1997 at age 100). This branch of the family is Roman Catholic: John Key Wood and his infant sond John Jr. are buried by dispensation in the family plot in Mount Royal Cemetery. The others are buried across the fence in the other ( Catholic) family plot in Cote des Neiges Cemetery.” ( Harper) 7. Ellen Marion Wood “ Second wife of Hon. John Hamilton, died in Montreal, having had several children, only one surviving - Key - widow of Caledon Gilder, now residing in England.” ( French) “ Ellen Marian, married the Hon. John Hamilton of Hawkesbury, Canada, M.P. Life member of Legislative Council, the richest man in Canada and Heap Big Indian generally, too big altogether for my democratic principles, we could not get on together at all.” (Massey) Second wife of lumber baron, railroad tycoon, banker, senator John Hamiton, a (political) friend of Sir John A. Macdonald, Carnada’s first prime minister. Hand several children. ( Harper) “ Her grand-daughters Key and Marjorie Eliot visited Mrs. Cross in England before the war: they were unmarried. Their brother, Bill eliot, was a staff officer in the British Army; he was taken a P.O.W. in Singapore during the war; retired to Vancouver ( where he died on the golf course soon afterwards) leaving a widow Gertrude Eliot and four children who may be in Canada today…. He was a very kindly man and supplemented the income of his Aunt’s ( Mrs. Gilder) retainers who had fallen on hard times though ill- health.” (J.R. Wood) “Mrs. M.A.K. Gilder who died without issue” (J.R.Wood) “ Marion Aston Key Hamilton who married Caledon Frank Gilder who had been her father’s secretary whom I also met when he visited her aunt ( Mrs. Cross) at Church Crookham.” (J.R. Wood) “ They ( the Gilders) lived in some style and it was one of the pleasures of my younger life to visit their homes in Berkshire. They moved three times at least before he died in the 1930’s. There were no children of this marriage.” (J.R. Wood)
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