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This photo is believed to be Stephen "Steve" and Mary Massey Whitlock and children, but we're not really sure. It is located in Georgia. If anyone knows who this family is, please contact me at
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This is another photo of my long lost grandpa Melvin Lee minish. If anyone recognizes him please contact me.
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This is a photo of two unknown men posing for their photograph to be taken in front of an old classic car.
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This is my grandfather Melvin Lee Minish. He was born in banks county, Georgia 1911 to Henry Coil and Dora Lee Minish. He was married to Ruby Green. He had 8 children, 3 of which are now deceased. He left home in 1949 never to be heard from or seen again. If anyone has any information about him please email me at Thank you.
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This is my grandfather John Creed Tanner. This photo was supposedly taken at a prison yard in Atlanta Georgia. Date of photo is unknown. He left soon after the birth of my mother in 1935. Does anyone have any information about him? If so, email me at
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