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Beatrice Henry

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Researching: Backus, Baccus, Bachuss

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This is the full picture of the Backus faces only picture previously posted so maybe some one will recognize it or have one like it or similar..On the back of this picture postcard it states John Backus in Mo (Missouri ) We do not know if it is Great Great Granddad John b 1806/07 or Grandfather John B 1890 or maybe some kinfolks named John and no idea who the baby or young man with banjo is..My granddad played the banjo but think the big ears may be my side of family.. Hope you can help
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Fom my mothers picture box : John Backus in Missouri written on back and that is all we know about it..don't know if it her Dad John Laurence Bachuss b 1890 in Hardin County Ms. or a John Backus that lived in Mo and sent it down to Tishomingo County Ms.. picture appears to be two which were cut and put on postcard and then picture taken. I understand the postcard pictures were popular at one time..this one has no address. If you recognize any of the people, please contact me..
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This is a picture of my Great Grandpa Joseph B. Bachuss 1857/1858 ( Baccus Becker Bachues Bachus and other variations...b in Tn and later moved to Tishomingo Cty Miss. His wife is named Anna Elizabeth Howard b Hardin Cty Tn. in some of the census they have stated Joseph's Dad John b 1806/07 in Delaware or Pa and Joseph's Mother Rebecca Angeline b 1826 Ark or Mo. have been unable to find them further back than 1860 in Hardin Cty Tn. In 1860 Census Baccus 1870 Becker 1880 Baccus 1990 Backus 1910 Bachuss 1920 Bachuss 1930 Bachuss I am posting some John Backus pictures taken in Mo but we don't know the age or which one he is..hoping someone can help so please take a look Thanks
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