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My brother, Jose Tamez Jr, on afamily summer trip beach 2009. RIP
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This picture is of Jose Tamez Sr. with his Son Jose Tamez Jr. Jose Tamez Jr. was Jose Tamez Sr.'s only son. Proud father of his son.
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On my way to my Surprise Party some friends were making for me. I stopped at my baby brother house and took these pictures. This picture is of me (Beatriz Tamez Gallegos) Crystal my brother girlfriend at the time. As you can see my brother got in the way of the photo from his kitchen window. He put the middle finger up. L.O.L 3 MONTHS LATER HE PASSED
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Jose Tamez, my baby brother, cutting up chicken at my birthday party.
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Beatriz Tamez Gallegos Birthday 01/16/2010 Photo of her brother Jose Tamez Jr. We took this picture down the street were my friends had me a birthday surprise party. My brother Jose Passed on 3 months later.
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A photo of Jose Tamez Jr., 1981 - 2010. Jose had two passions, the first one being cooking, which the family both benefited in terms of enjoying many culinary delights, and suffered in ever increasing waist lines. He applied this passion as an employee of Panda Express in Porterville. He was also employed at Denny's and Juicy Burger, which is owned by his cousin Freddy Quijas. Jose's second passion was the Dallas Cowboys, which was a focus of ongoing intense rivalry among family and friends, all in good fun of course. To Jose, there was no other team. For a day, his family and friends will join him as fans of the Cowboys and display their loyalty by wearing his team colors.
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