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Alvin Mikell, driver of the rolling store (see other picture).
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A Picture Of One Of The Rolling Stores That Would Come By Our House, Back In The 19030-1940. The Driver Was Alvin Mikell. It Was Out Of Jasper, Fla, From...
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My Uncle Avner Griffis, My Dad Youngest Brother.The Baby Is A Grandkid. But Not Sure Which One,He Was The Youngest Son Of Samuel B Griffis SR. & Married...
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My Uncle Avner Griffis, My Dad Youngest Brother, fishing
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A Picture Of My Mother's Brother, Dennis W. Cribbs Wife, My Aunt Rosabell McClain Cribbs. Rosabell McClain Cribbs. D/O/B/1803 D/O/D/5/28/1968. They Are...
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L-R Dinnis Cribbs [Father] B/9/27/1893 D/9/19/1972. ________ Ruby Wilma [Cribbs]Sills. B/1/3/1922 D/1/19/1969, Oldest Daughter. ________________________...
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This Is A Couson Of Mine. He Is The Oldest Son Of Dennis W. Cribbs (My Mother's Brother's Son)
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Aarom Levi Griffis. At A Young Age. He Is The Father Of Helen Baily Of Rae City. Ga Carylon Jones. Of Bambridge. Ga. & The Grand Father Of...
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Aaron Levi Griffis, Father Of Helen Bailey & Carylon Jones, in World War 1. He Was A Post Master In Dupot Ga,Any One Around Dupot Ga Or Echols Co Ga. Or...
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This Is My Grand Father's (Samuel B Griffis, Sr) brother's Family around 1958 or 1959: Carolyn Griffis Jones, Esty Hayes Griffis, Aaron Levi Griffis, Helen...
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Betty Howard i wonder if this could be some of the croft People I Know Who Lives In Fla? Some Or From Hamilton Co. Fla. & Some In Olustee/Baker Co. Fla I Knew A Grorge W Croft In Hamilton Co. FlaPlus A Johnny Croft In Olustee.Fla. This Is Just To Name A Few Of Them That I Know.I Also Knew A Leslie Croft In Baker Co.Fla/Macclenny. But They Were All Kin,You Can E Mail Me At Thank's. Betty [Griffis] Howard.
Mar 16, 2009 · posted to the photo William A. Croft Family, 1947
Betty Howard I Have A Daughter Inlaw. Who Maden Name. Is Ryan. Her Parents Is Chris & Carol Ryan From New York. & She Was Raised In NY. It Might Be They Could Help You. You Never Know. I Will See If They Are Into All Of This. If So. Then I Will Have Them Check It Out.Betty [Griffis]Howard.
Jan 19, 2009 · posted to the photo Winnie Ryan
Betty Howard My Father Samuel B. Griffis JR. Is The Son Of Samuel B. Griffis SR. My Dear Dad, Sam For Short, Betty Howard'
Mar 05, 2006 · posted to the photo Sam B. Griffis
Betty Howard This Should Be Wesley Griffis. The Son Of Samuel B Griffis JR, Which Is My Dear Brother' Betty Howard
Mar 05, 2006 · posted to the photo Wesley & Elizabeth Griffis
Betty Howard I'm Looking For Any One? Around Dupot Ga, Who Would Know Some Info On Him, Other Then His Children At Rae City Ga, He Was A Post Master In Dupot Ga, & His Dad. Ezekiel G, Griffis. Was My G GrandPa Brother.My G GrandPa Was Joel Griffis Married Sarah Regester, Buried In A Small Cemetary Beside The Lakeland Highway, There Is Another Picture Of Him In This Web Site, In His Service Uniform, Any One Can Help Me Would Be A Big Help< Thank's. Betty Griffis Howard.
Nov 12, 2005 · posted to the photo Aaron Griffis
Betty Howard She Look's Like She Is Indian Or Have Indian In Her? My Mom's People Has Indian In Them Which Is Cribbs, And My GGG GrandFather Samuel B. Griffis'es First Wife, Was A Full Blooded Indian, But From Northern Fla. & South GA. Could There Be A Connection, Either On The Cribbs Side, Or The Griffis Side?
Aug 10, 2004 · posted to the photo Sarah Jane (Cribbs) Stone
Betty Howard Well it Very Possable, There Could Be A Connection, Altho This Is In Baber County, Fla, About Fifty Miles From Jacksonville, Fla, But Ms Vonciell Frazer Is The One Who Had All Of This, And She Si Still Living In Olustee, Fla, My Parent's Lived There When The Passes Away, I Have A Brother Still There, I Will Try To Get More Info, And Post It, The School Picture Of The Older Class, Looking From R-L On Bottom Row, Ms Frazer Is The Second One,
Jun 22, 2004 · posted to the photo John Hays Long, age 6
Betty Howard Dennis Cribbs, DOB/1893/DOD/3/9/1972, Rosabell {Mc Clain] Cribbs, DOB/1903/DOD/5/28/1968, From Clinch CO,GA, Fargo,GA,Lived In Hamilton CO, Fla, Dennis Was The Son Of Frances {Frank] Cribbs FRom Clinch Co, GA,
Aug 25, 2003 · posted to the photo Dennis Cribs Family