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Betty Kelley We always called my dad's mother "MomMom". Her name was Harriett Louise Marie Stone Rutter, born 13 Sep 1906 in Medina, Ohio, the oldest child and only daughter of John and Anna Prane Stone. She never talked much about her childhood, but through the years we found out that she had three younger brothers that she hadn't seen since she married my grandfather in 1924 and moved to southeastern Ohio. Her mother died in the 1918 flu epidemic, her father began drinking heavily, and the boys were placed in foster care. We always wondered about the boys, but she never wanted to look for them, fearing what she would find, I guess. She died in 1979, never knowing what became of them. In 2006, we started searching on the Internet for information, starting with the Prane family. We found a lot more than we'd bargained for! After finding that Anna Prane was really Anna Prehn, we found a Prehn cousin, who told us that Anna had married John BLANKSHINE, not John STONE. Then we found that Harriett "Hattie" Blankshine had married a man named George Stone in 1920 and they had had a daughter born in 1921. We also found all three brothers--well, we found their children, as the boys were all deceased by then. In talking with the "new" cousins, we found that the daughter born in 1921 had contacted them looking for information on her parents, but at that time they hadn't had any information to give her. The daughter died in 2006, two years before we got this information. If anyone has any information about Thomas and Lillian Cavell of Cleveland, Ohio, or any Blankshine relatives in Ohio, please contact me. We'd like to fill in the gap between 1921 and 1924, and find out what happened to George Stone and that marriage, and why my grandmother never told us she'd had another child.
Jan 23, 2010 · posted to the surname Blankshine