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About: We have a Balfour family reunion each year. This year we go back to Quincy, Illinois the last weekend of July. Be happy to share info.

Researching: Hughes, Mcdonald, Patterson, Balfour, Estlinbaum, Easlick, Norie

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Seborn McDonald, III Seborn McDonald, Jr. Seborn McDonald, Sr. Tillman County, Oklahoma about 1943
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Children of Andrew Simpson & Octavia(Hopper) Patterson
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Seborn & Lodie McDonald at home on their 50th wedding anniversary. The whole McDonald clan.
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John and Beverley (Hughes) Estlinbaum
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Wedding pictue for Nettie (Balfour) and William Hughes October 16, 1891 Elm Grove, Illinois
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Jacob James Hughes(In the white shirt). I wrote a story, so now I'm adding the picture.
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Beverley Estlinbaum Andrew (Simpson is middle name)& Octavia(Hopper) Patterson are parents of Viora, ?, Octavia, Ina and Joe.
Jan 03, 2012 · posted to the photo Andrew Simpson & Octavia Patterson children 1959
Beverley Estlinbaum I added the picture on April 21, 2010
Apr 21, 2010 · posted to the story Hughes, Jacob James
Beverley Estlinbaum Walter was born Jan 26, 1929 In Atlanta, Ga. His parents: Guy and Helen (Hughes)Cunningham
Beverley Estlinbaum Lady walking away:Fannie Balfour Schiedferdecker. Back Row:Oren Henley Schiedferdecker, Man in hat ?, Joe Balfour, Front row: ?, 2nd person: Irvine Hughes, 3rd person:Leona Hughes, 4th person:Eunice(Schieferdecker)White, 5th person:Lester Schieferdecker, Man sitting: William Hughes
Dec 08, 2009 · posted to the photo Balfour Family Reunion
Beverley Estlinbaum I found the Marriage License for John Estlinbaum and Minnie Brussow. They were married May 20, 1875 in Juction City, Kansas Davis County. Their first child was born in 1878 and died as a infant, by the name of Charles.
Jan 13, 2008 · posted to the story Estlinbaum
Beverley Estlinbaum We have a Balfour Family REunion each year. Next year we meet in Oklahoma City, the last weekend of July. For more infomation:
Nov 26, 2007 · posted to the story Col. Andrew Balfour, III