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Orion age 5 & Lawrence age 2 in Arkansas in 1: A photo of the Ella Winburn family.
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A photo of Ella Winburn with John Winburn taken around 1912
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Bob Winburn She was my Dads Mother.She was married to John Winburn.They had 2 sons Orion David & Lawrence Wayne.She had a very hard life after John died in 1917 raising 2 sons.She remarried to a man last name Kirk and had a daughter named Lorene.Mr Kirk died in 1925 so she rasied 3 kids by herself.I thought she was a mean old woman.I remember I was about 10 years old and she needed me to walk with her to the store so I could help carry her things home.It must have been 100 degrees outside it was the middle of July.When we got to the store there was a big water tank with ice cold soda pop in it.It sure looked good.She dug around and found a Dr Pepper { a big one } she showed me the name and told me it was medicine and she drank it in front of me.I knew what it was it was just a dang soda pop.I remember she said it was to help her thirst.Well when she died it was a cold & rainy day when we buried her & her grave was about 1/4 full of water.I just smilled and thought you don't have to worry now because you will have plenty of water to drink now.Yea I didn't like her very much back then but as I got older I tend to remember the good times I had as a child at her house.I do love her now.
May 30, 2013 · posted to the person Ella Francis Winburn