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About: My name is Brandy Libby. I am the daughter of Gerald Joseph Libby and Lorraine Patricia LaPrise(LaPrice). My fathers parents were Albernie E. Libby(Albernie's parents-(Edward Libby & Louise Bellows) and Albertha H. LaCroix(Albertha's parents-Albert Peter LaCroix & Elmina Gosselin)(Elmina's parents-Francois Xavier Gosselin & Marie or Mary Roy *possibly Canadian Indian)(Francois parents-Alexis Gosselin and Angelique Roy). My mothers parents were Napoleon LaPrise(LaPrice)(Napoleon's parents-Louis LaPrise & Lydia or Leda Garrant) and Yvonne Adrian LaPlante (Yvonne's parent- Joseph LaPlante & Emerentienne Bolduc). I know that they all lived in Waterville Maine and later moved to Southern California. I do know that my great-great grandparents were from Quebec Canada & the LaCroix/Gosselin came from Piopolis, Lac Megantic Co. Canada. If anyone is related, has information or photos, please e-mail me at [contact link]. Thank you & God Bless!! Brandy Libby

Researching: Roy, Bellows, Laplante, Bolduc, Gosselin, Libby, Lacroix, LaPrise, Garrant

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This picture was taken of me in Slidell Louisiana where I lived from 2004-2006 with my fiance and 3 sons.
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This is my father Gerald Joseph Libby. My father is sitting at his desk at work. This photo was taken a few months before he passed away in 1991.
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This is my mother Lorraine Patricia (LaPrise)(65 yrs) Libby holding my youngest son Andre Tyee Wyatt (3 yrs). My sister Patricia Lynn (Libby) Gomez is in the background. This is at Patty's home on Thankgiving Day 2006.
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