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About: I was one of The Abandoned Overseas Children of American Servicemen (Forces Souvenir). My father was a dishonorable Captain in the US Medical Corps during World War 11. Born in Brisbane, Australia (1944).

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Rita Emily (mother) and Brunon Paul Bielinski (son) at Disneyland, CA 1982.
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BrunonPaul Bielinski As he was married 3 times he could have been ex-communicated by the Roman Catholic Church.
Jul 19, 2013 · posted to the person Brunon Bielinski
BrunonPaul Bielinski Rita changed her name by Deed Poll to give her son "a name" a couple of months before he was born. She had met a duplicitous Captain--Brunon Bielinski--a member of the US Army Medical Corps in Brisbane, Australia during World War 11. At first Brunon represented himself as a single man then revealed that he was "on" his second marriage. He committed what is termed a "Breach of Promise" in Australian law. He had a Ship's Captain perform a "marriage" but when it came to marrying Rita legally he was disinclined. To add insult to injury he fathered another son in California (born in 1954) and supported that child whilst he chose not to support Brunon Paul. Finally Rita met Brunon Bielinski's siblings in Chicago during 1978 but the Chicago Bielinskis were very interested in German cars but not in Rita & (Brunon) Paul. Then Rita lived as an Illegal Alien in California (1978 to 1987) and no apologies are in order for the United States of America which treated ladies abandoned by US Sericemen in the shabbiest manner. Certainly I was proud of my mother...after her death a lady remarked that Rita was "the nicest person she ever knew." I had heard this a number of times during her life. She possessed positive Tree of Life (ETZ CHAIM) qualities in particular CHESED (Loving Kindness). Justice doesn't always prevail in this World and I'm hoping that the people who treated my mother so shabbily find judgment in the OLAM HABA (The World to Come).
Jul 15, 2013 · posted to the person Rita Emily Bielinski
BrunonPaul Bielinski Rita at her 90th Birthday Party (2002)
Jul 04, 2013 · posted to the photo Rita Emily Bielinski