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Butler Tyler All through school, all 12 years, Tommy was my best friend. We did lots together. Hiked the mesas around Ft Stockton. Hunted, fished and more than I remember. He played High School football, I couldn't due to severe hayfever on grass fields. Nice guy all around. We met in 1968 in Jacksonville, Florida. He was going to AE school at NAS Jax, I was attached to VA44 at Cecil Field. He deployed to Nam shortly afterwards attached to a flat-top squadron. I stayed in Cecil Field. His Dad died while he was deployed, and on their cruise back to the US. His commander wouldn't fly him off with the mail to attend his Dad's funeral. He visited me once in San Angelo just before he died. His Mom wrote me about it and I still have the letter. I wish we had stayed in touch more. Miss ya man.
Jun 02, 2013 · posted to the person Tommy J Aaron