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This photo was found mixed with other Carroll photos, i.e. Godfrey Carroll, Mary Ann Gray Carroll. Written on the back is "Uncle Charlie Carroll" and the inscription I.E. STALEY, Photographer, King Wood W.Va There is no date or other information
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Daughter of Godfrey Carroll and Mary Ann Gray. Wife of Samuel Van Buren Brown. She was born May 18 1841 near Auburn WV. Died July 16 1931 in Clarksburg WV
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Godfrey Carroll, Born Fen 15 1815 probably near Kingwood WV. Died Sept 20 1866. Married to Mary Ann Gray.
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Born Apr 2 1818 in VA. Died June 11 1908. Married (1) Godfrey Carroll who died in 1866 then married (2) O.P. Gandy, grocer in Clarksburg WV, aprox 1870. She is the mother of Sarah Elizabeth Carroll and Nancy Carroll who died in childhood. Since little is known of her family it is unclear who Tom Gray is.
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