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Thomas Kilgour was a young man in Scotland at the time of this photo. He was born March 27, 1866 in Aberlady, Haddington, Scotland. Thomas married Jane Darroch, Jan. 11, 1889 in Old Cumnock, Ayrshire. In 1891 they were living in Dunfermline where they stayed until about 1911 when they moved to Canada. Thomas and Jane lived in Vancouver, B.C. until their deaths. Jane died April 5, 1933 in Vancouver, B.C. Thomas died April 3, 1959 in Burnaby B.C. They are both buried in the Masonic Cemetery, Burnaby, B.C. Thomas and Jane had 4 sons, James, David, William and George. Jane also had a daughter Mary. Mary's father was Thomas Shields of Old Cumnock.
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Rueben Doty Stephen's family. Front row L to R - Estella, Reuben, Nettie, Jasper Back row L t R - Gertrude(Gertie), Walter, Josephine Dollie)Photo taken in Butler County, Nebraska about 1900
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Reuben Doty Stephens and Cynthia Annette Browning (Nettie) were married Feb. 5, 1878 in David City, Nebraska. Cynthia was born Oct. 10, 1858 in Mankato,MN.Her parents were Jasper Browning born 1824, Niagara Co. NY and Mary Gregory, born about 1829 NY. Reuben was born Oct. 19, 1855 in Juda, Wisconsin. His parents were Ezra Milks Stephens and Margery Decker. Ezra was born Jan. 8,1831, Enfield,NY to Reuben Doty Stephens and Sally Milks. Margery Decker was born May 30,1835 in NY to George Decker and Laura Churchill.Reuben and Nettie had the following children: Gertrude,born Jan. 10, 1879,Butler Co. NE,Walter, born Aug.5, 1880,Butler Co.NE, Mary Josephine (Dollie) born Sept. 3, 1884, Butler Co. NE, Estella born Jan. 9, 1893 Lincoln, NE and Jasper William born May 31, 1896 NE. Reuben and Nettie later moved to Saskatchewan, Canada, then on to Everson, Washington where they lived out the rest of their lives. Reuben died March 31, 1936. Nettie died May 15, 1945. They are both buried in the Lynden Cemetery, Lynden Washington
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Carolyn LaPorte Sherry, This is what I found. 1881 Hodnet, Hodnet, Shropshire GREGORY Richard age 71, infirm, formerly labourer, born Ightfield Sarah 61 born Rushmore Esther - granddaughter age 13, scholar born Wollerton 1871 Wollerton, Shropshire GREGORY Richard age 60, farm laborer born Hodnet, Shropshire Sarah age 51 born Wrockwardine, Shropshire John- son - age 25 farm laborer, born Wollerton, Shropshire Emma - daughter - age 12 born Wollerton, Shropshire Esther - granddaughter - age 2 born Wollerton, Shropshire 1861 Wollerton, Shropshire GREGORY Richare age 50 farm labor born Wollerton, Shropshire Sarah laborers wife age 41 born Rushmore, Shropshire Wiliam son age 12 scholar born Wollerton Esther duaghter age 8 scholar born Wollerton Charles son age 6 born Wollerton Emma daughter age 2 born Wollerton 1851 Wollerton Shropshire GREGORY Richard age 40 ag. labor born Coura (looks like, hard to read), Shropshire Sarah age 30 born Rushmore, Shropshire John son age 6 scholar born Wollerton, Shropshire Thomas son agd 5 scholar born Wollerton William son age 2 born Wollerton next door GREGORY Richard age 77 ag. laborer born Hinton, Shropshire Ann age 70 born Barton, Cheshire 1841 Hodnet, Shropshire GREGORY Richard age 65, ag. laborer born Shropshire Ann age 55 born other (they ask if born Shropshire or not - no place shown) 1841 Hodnet, Shropshire DABBS Sarah age 20 born Shropshire. She is living in home of an Innkeeper. Sarah is shown as F.I. or F.L. under occupation I could not find younger Richard in 1841. 1841 Wrockwardine, Shropshire DABBS John age 47 Ag. Labor born Shropshire Mary age 43 born Shropshire Mary age 10 born Shropshire Jane age 7 born Shropshire ------------------ So, of the children of Richard and Sarah that you mention each was found in at least once census except for Mary born 1851. She is not with them in 1861 so could she have died? Also you metnion Esther born 1867 but she seems to be a granddaughter, not a daughter as per 1871 & 1881 census. I am going to see if I can find anything on their children after they disappear from the census - maybe will find them elsewhere in England or maybe as you say they may have gone to another country - Canada? U.S.? Australia? Will see if I can find anything for you. I think it likely that the Richard and Ann living next door in 1851 are Richard's parents. Too bad there isn't an 1831 census to read. all for now, Carolyn
Feb 17, 2008 · posted to the story I Can't find my Gregory's!!!