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My Grandfather, Frank. A. Disbro, my two Uncles, Harold Disbro and Kenneth Disbro. This photo was taken about 1916. My Grandma had hers taken with the two girls. My Grandpa had his taken with the two boys. The photos I SHOULD have of my Grandma and Grandpa together were lost at the Binghamton, New York P.O.
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My Aunt Jane, my Grandmother and my Mother at about age 6 in front. My Grandmother sadly died in 1918 during the influenza epidemic that hit Binghamton, NY very hard. Sadly, I never knew her. I'm STILL hoping to find the huge box of family photos of my Mother, Grandmother, Grandfather, Dad and Mother that were lost by the Binghamton Postal System in the early 90's. My Mother and my Aunt Jane are also deceased. Please do NOT copy this photo without my permission. Thank you. (My Mother's maiden name was Disbro) My own maiden name is Murphy. My Grandmother...Nellie Mae Disbro's maiden name was Allard.
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