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About: Brazilian plastic artist cataloged and exhibitor at the Louvre. Universal Ambassador of Peace. UNESCO award for culture.

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General Octávio of Medeiros was a Leader of the National Service of Information of Brazil, in the government João Figueiredo. Died in this millennium....
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João Nepomuceno de Medeiros Mallet Minister of the Republic of Brazil General of Division (1898-1902) Celito Medeiros family www.celitomedeiros.com
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Celito Medeiros: When Medeiros came to America, they thought to gather in the U.S., however there were 2 United States - USA & United States of Brazil. This...
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Celito Medeiros A simple man, born on a farm, then engineer in the Amazon, retired devoted to the arts and culture, without status or power, but with help functions for all mankind.
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