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About: Born Marlene Theresa Beaudry Legalley changed name in 1985 to Chant'al Bene'e Beaudry. Daughter of Charles Henry Beaudry and Marjorie Estelle Mallow Beaudry Cooley. Married to Benjamin Joseph Syc on my parents 25 wedding anniversary on July 12, 1971. I have to daughters: Ginger Marlene Syc (born 3-3-1973) and Sheri Maylee SYc (born 10-11-1975) Sheri was born Sherry Maylee Syc and we later corrected the spelling on her name to Sheri.

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Benjamin Joseph Syc of Springtown, Texas. He was born 12-19-1942 at home in Michigan but his maternal grandmother.
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Sheri Maylee Syc of Springtown, Texas.
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Ginger Marlene Syc of Springtown, Texas, oldest daughter of Chant'al Bene'e Beaudry and Benjamin Joseph Syc
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