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A photo of William Mountford and Hannah Mountford in Moundville, Wisconsin. No date offered by the submitter other than taken in the 1880's.
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This is another photo of an unknown woman from Portage, Wisconsin.
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This photo had the inscription "Aunt Eliza Hume Voertman on right" on it. I believe this was taken in or around Portage, Wisconsin. Other associated family names might be Berry, Scholes.
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This is a photo from the Portage, Wisconsin area. I believe she is a member of the Hume family, possibly Ann Margaret Walker Hume. Isn't she a cutie?
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This is a photo of a man that is probably a part of the Hume family. The photo was taken by Perkins Photography in Portage, Wisconsin. This family lived in Fort Winnebago, in Winnebago County.
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This is a baby that appears to be between 6 months to a year old. It was taken by Ridgeway Photography in Portage Wisconsin and was among a batch of photos from my Berry and Hume ancestors. Fort Winnebago was one of the residences of this family.
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