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Benjamin Franklin Hardiman and Clara Gertrude (Morgan) Hardiman about 1900.
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A photo of Anna Flossie Pickard French Andrew, my beautiful mother in law, Oklahoma 1893.
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the year we were married.
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Catherine Collins Whitworth in black standing, son J.L. Whitworth, wife Alice, children, spouses, and grandchildren. 1920's
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2 -104 year old ladies. Miss Elizabeth Rudolf and Mrs. Mulkey: Miss Rudolf was my 1st grade school teacher and my 8th grade teacher's wife, Mrs. Mulkey. They are still living. Sweet ladies.
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My grandmother and grandfather, Benjamin Franklin. and Clara Hardiman, right after they were married. Taken in Atoka, Oklahoma in the 1890's.
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Sarah Lillie Hardiman Whitworth, my mother, at 27 years old. Her hair was done in a Marseille. A very pretty lady. Photo taken in 1929 in Durant, Oklahoma
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Joseph Lewis, Sarah Lillie (Whitworth) Lewis, and Joseph Lewis Jr.: Made in Durant, Oklahoma. Joseph Lewis Jr. was 1 year old. Lillie's hairdo was called a Marseille. Made in 1929.
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My dad, J.L. Whitworth, in the early 1900's. This was before I was born.He was from Tennessee, moved to Texas, then to Oklahoma.
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Charlene Mills This is my picture, I put it on my family tree. I sure like the way you steal my pictures and put them out on the net.
Jun 12 · posted to the photo Anna Flossie Pickard French Andrew -1893
Charlene Mills Vera, Bill, and children, Ola, and ? Otto, Wilma, and children, grandmother Catherine, Alice, daddy, "Joseph Lewis", Charley and Naomi.
Aug 18, 2013 · posted to the photo Whitworth Family, Oklahoma
Charlene Mills I started to school when I was 5 years old. I was so small, Miss Rudolf would set me on her lap and teach school. They are both precious ladies. I am now 75 years old. Charlene Whtworth
Jul 14, 2013 · posted to the photo Elizabeth Rudolf and Mrs. Mulkey
Charlene Mills Bless her heart, her dress needed ironing, she had probably ridden in the wagon or horseback. He hair has been curled on curlers made out of the rim that came off the top of a coffee can. They had a little key that you wound and opened it. We wrapped rags around those to keep it from splitting our hair and curled our hair around them. I doubt if his coat and vest ever saw a cleaners. Granny always made her dresses and slips. My grandmother and grandfather James Lafayette Hardiman and Clara Gertrude Morgan Hardiman. She died on my birthday May 30, 1975 except I was born in 38.