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Researching: Hicks, Wilson, Jones, Walker, Williams, King, Burns, Herrin, Petty, Gonzales, Stratton, Beene, Casey, Leming, Overbey, Lujan, Lemming, Hudleston

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Back row Alfred Stratton[my Grandpa], Tom Stratton,Herbert Hedger[son in law],Elsie Hedger,P. Lane[Tom Lanes brother] 2nd row-Mrs.Ophelia Evangeline[Petty]Stratton {holding hat}Mr."Mack" [P.N]Stratton, Tom Lane [son in law] his wife Evalee[Stratton] Lane, little boy- George Lane, [Tom and Evalee child],Woman in front w/ baby is Mrs. Maggie Stratton baby is Roy Stratton son of Maggie and L.W. Stratton girl in front is [unreadable]"Sis" Lane daughter of Tom and Evalee.Baby name in Evalee lap not written on picture.sorry the best I could do.
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Ophelia Evangeline [Petty] Stratton wife of P.N. [ Phineas or Mack] Stratton
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vernon huddleston school photo taken in the 1950's
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