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On a post card addressed to my G-Grandmother Josephine (Travelstead) Norman, Marion, IL. The note is signed: Your niece, Annie Davenport I do not know of the connection with my Travelstead or Norman families, all I know is my Grandma was Annie's Aunt. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!
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My Aunt said that these two could be Davenport children. They were from Southern Illinois, and she believes they live in Anna, Saline County, IL. But...she is not sure. If anyone could help me out I sure would appreciate it. Thank you! P.S. I have found a postcard to my G-Grandma Josephine (Travelstead) Norman, and the picture is of two small girls, it is signed: "Your neice, Annie Davenport. I also have that picture posted on this site.
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Sevent grade class, taken approx. 1945. I believe it was in Marion, IL.
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This is the article that goes with the picture of the Spillertown Store.
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Newspaper article found among my Great Aunts things. I don't know if this store is still standing or not. It was once owned by Guy Rex as "Rex's Grocery", then at the time of this article the store was owned by Lowell Hale. The writing part of this article will follow this post. The obit that I previously posted for Guy Rex is the person who once owned this store. I'm just curious if he was related to the Norman's, Travelstead's or Graves.
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My Grandma Marie Norman, born 1906 and her sister Margaret "Marnie" Norman born 1909, both of Marion, IL.
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This was in the belongings of my Great Aunt Margaret (Norman) Wisek. Thought maybe someone would be able to tell me if he were related to us or not.
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This is my mother as a baby, isn't she the cutest? Born in Marion, IL, moved to Michigan in her teen years.
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Man standing is my Grandpa William "Bill" Thomas Griggs. He was born in Gilmer County, GA, and moved to Cullman Co, AL when he was 12. Seated is his Dad David Griggs along with David's wife Masinda (other forms her name, Macinda or Malinda), her maiden name was Hayes.
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My Great Grandparents, David Orton (sometimes spelled Orten)born 1861, died 1932, Alabama, and Lockee born 1868 and died 1936 in Alabama, daughter of William Preston Stanley and Elvira Catherine Stone.
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Cheryl Haight I believe these are the 3 boys that are in the previous family picture.
Dec 10, 2004 · posted to the photo 36.Southern Illinois unknown/children
Cheryl Haight I believe that the children in these 2 pics... the two in the one are the same as 2 of the 3 in the other.
Dec 08, 2004 · posted to the photo 18&19.Southern Illinois unknown/children
Cheryl Haight Correction, W.T. born 1882 is 27 in picture and Lizzie born 1892 is 17 in picture
Nov 07, 2003 · posted to the photo Wedding of W.T. Griggs & E.E. Orton