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This is Arlis Wendell Fields and Lucy Lucille Romines Fields and their daughter Judy Ann Fields. I don't know the date or the place there the picture was...
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This Bennie Herman Jessee, he is the son of the late James Elmore and Lou Clara Jessee. He married Mattie France Romines on Spet. 13, 1941---- and they had 5...
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I really don't know the date and the place were this picture was taken at. in the picture is my Aunt Lucille Romines Fields (she is the one with her hand...
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This was make a Brownsville Park (I think). Starting at the left is my grandmother Felcy Gibson Romines. the other lady is Mae Jessee Fields. This Arlis...
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This Evan Fields the father of Arlis Fields. he(1) marrage was to Looney ______? she is buried in Red lick Cemetery. he marrage (2)Mae Jessee
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This Alris Fields--- I am quessing he is about 5 or 6 yrs. old. His father is Evan Fields and his mother was Lonney Fields, she is bural in the Red Lick...
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this a picture of Flecy Gibson Romines with her Granddaughter Janice Fields on her wedding day. Her husband Micheal Bright.
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This Elvin Bradley Romines,he is the son of Isaac and Caldonie England Romines. Elvin married Flecyu Gibson amd they three daugther;Mattie France Romines...
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This Felcy Gibson Romines 's Father. His name is William Monday Gibson "Willie" he married Mattie Woodward. His children are; Dick, Ernest,Bub,there is and...
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Connie Phelps He was also in World War One.
Jul 31, 2009 · posted to the photo Granddaddy sitting the steps
Connie Phelps Lucille is the daughter of the late Elvin Bradley Romines and Flecy Gibson Romines
Jul 31, 2009 · posted to the photo Home
Connie Phelps and his father is bural at Chestnut Grove Cemetery in Adair co.
Jul 29, 2009 · posted to the photo Alris Wendell Fields
Connie Phelps Granddaddy died on April 16,1967 and my grandmother Flecy died on June 22,1978 thanks
Jul 24, 2009 · posted to the photo Granddaddy sitting the steps
Connie Phelps if anyone know any more information on there family would love to see it. thanks
Jul 23, 2009 · posted to the photo Great Grandfather William Monday Gibson