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A photo of Isabel Cuen, daughter of Santos Cuen & los angeles Valenzuela
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visiting his mother 1943, before leaving for overseas duty.
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Frank Cuen, born California, tombstone photo
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land grant ...he lived in Bakersfield Calif prior to 1850
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Isabelle Louise (Valdez) Shearin Arvizu: She is the great grand daughter of Ventura Cuen & Ma.Jesus Moreno...early settlers in California. Her first name wasn't offered by the submitter. This photo was taken in 1012 in Bakersfield, California
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Josefa Villain 1899, niece of Petra Cuen Jennings - don't know who her parents were. Family from Sonora, Mexico & Yavapai, Az
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The gentleman was Ventura Cuen Ruiz 1888-1966, in Bakersfield California. Can someone tell us the year of this old Ford? So far, no one can.
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Cuen man visting his mother in Los Angeles, CA in May of 1943
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Jennings, a photographer from Prescott Arizona
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on the left side is Victor Cuen born 1866-5-12-1941 he is related to Ventura Cuen early california family.
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Cora Cuen she was Married to Ramon Cortez Sr.
Mar 18 · posted to the photo Isabel Cuen
Cora Cuen her name is Isabel Cuen Cortez, 1839-1937
Mar 07 · posted to the photo Marguerite Cowles
Cora Cuen Isabel cUEN DE CORTEZ 1839-1937
Mar 04 · posted to the person Joe Dunkin
Cora Cuen Isabel Cuen de Cortez-1839-1937 born Sonora Mexico
Feb 26 · posted to the photo Tom Murphy
Cora Cuen Isabel Cuen de Cortez 1839-1937 Mexicali mexico
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Cora Cuen Cuen family
May 05, 2013 · posted to the photo Viviana, Petra, and Ventura Cuen
Cora Cuen cuen family gathering......los angeles,calif
May 05, 2013 · posted to the photo family gathering, 1936
Cora Cuen his name is Reynaldo Cuen age 21, on leave visiting his mother in Los Angeles, Calif.
Nov 30, 2011 · posted to the photo Cuen man in Los Angeles CA 1943
Cora Cuen don't know this family, but in Oxnard California there were Segura members living there. cora
Mar 12, 2011 · posted to the story Dads family
Cora Cuen Cuen-Rodriguez Family
Sep 16, 2009 · posted to the photo arizona gravestone
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