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Curtie Mikolaiczik My grandmother, Betty Boogren, was a lovely woman. A woman who couldn't hurt a fly and gave until it hurt. Betty was pretty much a single mother of six for over a decade. From what I've been told she is nothing less than a saint in most people's eyes, my own included. I remember going over to my grandmother's house on Richardi street in Bellaire, Michigan and always smelling ripe bananas throughout the home. Grandma loved her bananas. In 1976 the six children had a portrait drawn of Betty Boogren at the fair and it hung with pride in her home with two of her favorite photographs from school. One fairly young and one a little closer to graduation, until the day she passed away. In her dining room hung pictures of all her children with her grandchildren. The home of Betty Boogren was one filled with nothing but love for family, and the lord. Betty was not only a great mother/grandmother, but she was also quite the seamstress, making the wedding dress for her eldest daughter, Sandra K. Fischer to be married in. The dress would also be used in the future for Betty's youngest daughter to wear because arthritis crippled her hands to the point where she couldn't make one for Beth Borst.
Oct 13, 2013 · posted to the person Betty M Boogren