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About: I live in Fl,am Native [external link] looking for family of my grandfather's Sister her name was Agnes Ray Trent she md 1st Albert Johnston and had John & Albert"Buggs"Johnston and 2nd James H.Decker & had Evelyn{Kreher} Ruby {Nollet} Rose{Andrews} Fred & James Decker,were from the Warren Macomb/Wayne Co Mi area's . My grandpa Lived in Detroit in 1934 he worked for Chrysler plant his name was Everett Pete Trent wife Edna ,sons Richard"Dick"{had polio} Charles "Lucky" and Thomas "Tucker"Trent Would like to find anyone related to these folks who can help me further on my quest of lineage of my great aunt and grandpa. Thank you Morningstar

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This is a photo of my grandfather Evert Pete Trent he was in WWI & WWII in the Army was a pvt in Jessup Ga
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This is a photo of my parents. My father Thomas "Tucker"Trent and wife Violet "Candy"Trent ,at dinner with his shipmates
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This photo has my father Thomas "Tucker"Trent and Uncle Lou Shaffer ,would be nice to know if anyone reconises them .I think the ship they are on may be the Chuckwan or Saratoga Not really sure. So proud on my dad . Dawn
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