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Among photos from a purchased antique album in Seattle Washington. Photo was taken in Ripon, Wisconsin. Only 'clue' was on a piece of cardboard, "Walter Moldenhauer, April 1904" written on it. Some of the photos were from Prussia. Looking for family to give photos to!
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Family gathering at the Samish Flats, in Skagit County, Washington. The family was gathered around Lyman Culver,who was born in 1820, in Ohio. Back row, Clem Culver, Sadie Culver-Coyne, Alma Culver, Augusta Culver-Horne, George Culver, Emma Culver-Breazeale, Alf Culver, William Breazeale, holding William Culver Breazeale. Middle row: Kenneth Coyne, Errol Horne, Mamie Breazeale, Lyman Culver, Minnie Breazeale, May Horne, Charley Culver and Del Culver. Front Row: Lulu Coyne, Leo Culver, Mabel Breazeale, Marguerite Coyne, Kathleen Breazeale and Mabel Coyne.
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