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About: I am a mature man from Quebec, Canada. I have made a lot of research on the Carrier/Carriere family (formely Bremme/Bresme and other variations). I have a Guiness record for the greatest number of direct ancestors ever found. I like to share what I found. Most of it is on my web site. If you use my informations please give me credit. My site is copyright protected.

Researching: Boucher, Carriere, Carrier, Baets, Bremme, Caffier, Bresme

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Denis Perrault Age: between 17 an 20. Just after he migrated on foot from Saint.Alban, Quebec, Canada to Los Angeles, California. On the back of the photo: "B.P. Batcheldor, Photographic Art Place, 183 El Dorado Street, Stocktown, Calif. Negative retained for future orders". ________________________________ Denis Perrault went on foot from Saint-Alban, Quebec to Los Angeles (a trek of more than 5000 km) around 1875 to joint his older brother Joseph already at LA. He went through Marquette, Ohio and Omaha, Nebraska where he was caught in a war between Americans and Indians. Flying the war, he got lost for months. Having sent a lettre to his brother in LA, (a few days by train from Omaha to LA) he was considered dead after 4 or 5 months. A funeral service was held in Saint.Alban (by Father Trudel) without the corpse. But Denis Perrault was not dead. Finally, on a quite night he heard the whistle of a train and was able to cross the track. He worked a few weeks in Nebraska, earned anough to take the train and reached Los Angeles. He found his brother faming in LA. probably in El Rancho La Providencia (today Burbank) from where he sent this photo to his family in Quebec. In spent his life farming as market gardener near LA and became quite wealthy. He was never married. In 1878 he was first mentionned. In 1892 he was on a voters list in Los Angeles. In 1887, a notice in the Daily Alta California ask for remailing his mail to San Franscisco. In 1893 he bought 12 acres of land in La Providencia (Burbank) from H. L. McNeil. At the 1900 census, he is living in San Diego and his profession is "capitalist". (businessman). In 1912 he visited his family in Quebec, returned to California where he probably died. Any informations about his last years in California would be appreciated.
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Maria Leblanc, daughter of Francois Leblanc and Cedulie Plante, marriage day. Married to Arthur Carrier.
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Arthur Carrier, son of Ferdinand Carrier and Marie-Odile Boulet, widow of Maria Leblanc. Arthur Carrier was born March 01, 1894, at St-Frederic, Beauce County, Province of Quebec, Canada.
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Julienne Boucher, 20 years old, daughter of Simeon Boucher and Carmelite Fortin, marriage day. Married to Gerard Carrier.
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Gerard Carrier, 22 years old, son of Arthur Carrier and Maria Leblanc, marriage day. Married to Julienne Boucher.
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Denis Carrier Hello, I just wrote an article (in french) about James Kelly and I think this could be of interest to you. James Kelly was born in 1810 in Dungiven parish, Derry County in the north of Ireland. He arrived in Quebec City in 1830. The town of Ville-Marie (Temiscamingue County, Province of Quebec) was first named Baie Kelly (Kelly's Bay) because James Kelly was the first to live there. So if you want a copy of this biography in french I would be glad to send it to you if you give me your e-mail adress. My e-mail adress is: Best regards Denis Carrier
Nov 06, 2013 · posted to the person John Kelly
Denis Carrier Oops.... I made a mistake: Joseph (Bellarmin) Perreault was the grand-father of Rosa Kahler but Rosa Kahler was still alive in 1947. She introduced herself as the grand-dauther of Joseph (Bellarmin) Perreault. But I don't know the name of her grand-mother with whom Joseph (Bellarmin) Perreault had a child back in 1886. Sorry about the mistake. Denis Carrier
Apr 07, 2013 · posted to the person Rosa Kahler