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Denis Melentiev Hampson and Alexey Melentiev Hampson. I (Denis) am 19 in this picture ( left ) and my brother (Alexey) is 17 (right).
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Denis Melentiev Hampson and Alexey Melentiev Hampson: This is me and my birth brother when we came over to New Zealand. I am the one on the left ( Denis Melentiev ) and my brother on the right ( Alexey Melentiev ). No date offered by the submitter.
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Unknown Melentiev Man (first name and date of photo not offered by the submitter): This is my Russian Birth Father , He unfortunately died due to a bar fight and got stabbed to death. He was an Alcoholic though so , im not to surprised , i just wish i could of met him. I cant say if i look more like my father, or my mother (have not seen a photo of her).
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