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Alvie Congrove, (unknown) Ralph Leonard Knupp: A little background: this looks like it could be a photostrip like what came out of photobooths of years gone by. There is nothing written on either the front or the back of it. On the left is Alvie Congrove. He lived his entire life in Parkersburg. On the right is Ralph Knupp (also known as Leonard Knupp). He was born in Belleville and left West Virginia not later than 1940. As it happens, Alvie was married to Ralph's sister Florence. Could all three men have been related? Could this be a photostrip of three friends where two of them happened to be related by marriage? I appreciate any responses on this. My big question is: CAN ANYONE IDENTIFY THE MAN IN THE MIDDLE?
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The older woman in the back right is Lena (Knupp) Hawley (my great-aunt). The people in the front are (RIGHT TO LEFT) Bill Hawley (Lena's son) and his wife Edith, and an man identified as Charlie Knopf - I don't know who he is. The woman on the far left is a big question mark. She could be one of Lena's sisters either Eva or Louisa, or she could be a woman named Dell. This photo would have been taken not later than 1955 as Lena died in 1955. It may have been taken in West Virginia but that is not certain. I share this in the hope that others may see it and be able to explain more about this photo and more about the family.
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