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Photo is in the Yank Army Weekly Magazine on page 16 of Issue, March 2, 1945. It describes father, Master Sgt. Reginald White and son, Cpl. Martin White of West Virginia. Describes his bombing missions over Europe as combat photographer, medals etc. Lists New Jersey, Wisconsin, and West Virginia as states where he lived and worked. I hope family members will eventually find this photo that they may or may not know exists. If you'd like a larger copy contact me and I'll be happy to email you a larger photo. Donna
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Gives the details of Cpl. Bob Krell's KIA status, his New York life, college, and gives details of his parents and siblings names. I hope this helps somebody knowing that this photo is on page 19 of the May 4th 1945 Yank Army Magazine. Donna
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Sargeant John Ramirez painting the nose of a B-29. I located this photo in the Yanks Army Weekly Magazine. The aircraft had "Mississippi Belle" painted on it and it was a B-29. Model being painted, Jane Brandow of a USO Show.
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(Meadors), Lester, Mary Johnnie daughter of John Thomas Meadors & Cornelia Belle Eaton born Oct. 8, 1916 in Chickasha, Grady County, OK. 1st husband, Marvin Terrell 2nd husband, Birchen Eden 3rd husband, Tillman Larkin Lester Article found in Moore, OK. blowing in the wind, landing against my feet. It was folded in half very neatly. I thought, hmmmm....being as Meadors was in my own family history from Kentucky, Arkansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma it had to be fate that the newspaper found me therefore I am posting it in behalf of those that may want to follow this woman's vast trail of history. Several states and cities are involved in her 90 years of travel. Donated by a fellow Meadors researcher. Donna
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This photo was placed in the Yanks Army Weekly Magazine, August 17, 1945, taken in August 1944. It is Rachel Privett, wife of Pfc. J.C. (Jake) Privette of Blytheville, Mississippi County, Arkansas. There is a document that accompanies this & 2 other photos of the family homestead and children. The article is in the Family Story Section of Ancient Faces, submitted by The other names in the article have been posted on other message boards as well. Good luck to all Privett researchers. I hope that somebody finds this photo and treasures it forever. The mother is Rachel, Billy Gene is age 13, Patty Jean, and Linda as well. Cherokee
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Family Affair, When his 3 sons went to war Sgt. A.C. Vanskike (third from left) went with them. All pfcs, they are (left to right) Louis E., Archie R., & Clarence E. They fought together in New Guinea & the Phillipines.
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Donna Unknown If you'd like a larger copy of the photo contact me and I'll email you a copy. Cherokee
Apr 29, 2009 · posted to the photo Sgt. John Ramirez, 1945, painting B-29's
Donna Unknown There are some Oklahoma Gann's that I contacted that may be able to help you solve this question. Good luck. Donna
Apr 29, 2009 · posted to the photo C-1 Cargo
Donna Unknown Hi, just for the sake of getting a hit on your post you need to go back and edit the title by adding the name to it instead of saying "looking for ancestors!" Most folks won't look if they don't have a name to draw their attention to the article. Good luck from one researcher to another. DSW
Jan 11, 2006 · posted to the story Halkett family