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John Clark of Morgan County, Indiana circa 1880: JOHN CLARK departed his life February 25th, 1882. He was born in the state of Maryland in 1798. His father died when he was quite young and he was taken immediately away from his mother and never saw her afterwards. After he became old enough to take care of himself, he left Maryland and went to Kentucky. He spent but a few years there and then went to Ohio. About the year 1822, he and old GEORGE MATTHEWS, father of the late Judge MATTHEWS, came to Indiana. Both found places in the Centerton area and afterwards went back to Ohio for their families. GEORGE returned to Indiana but JOHN CLARK didn't return until 1835. He finally settled in Madison Township, about 2 miles East of Brooklyn. His wife, nee REBECCA MATTHEWS, died in 1877. They had 11 children, with 5 still living, three sons, MILTON, LEWIS and GEORGE, and two daughters, Mrs. WILLIAM RINKER and Mrs. JOHNSON FIELDS.
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In 1912, Minnie Rosa Bertha Klemick Hutton won first prize for her bread-making. She married the following year, had two children, and in 1918 died from pneumonia brought on by Spanish influenza.
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