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About: I am a babyboomer looking for her ancestry. Regret not having written down all the stories my grandmother told me years ago. Have found many names to search from Midlothian Scotland. Dempster, Mills, Lindsay, Kemp, Aitken, Syme, Laing, Billson, Gibson, Cowie, Thompson, Dickson, Mackay, Baird, Marshall.

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Elizabeth is the youngest sibling of my grandfather, Lauchlan John Dempster. She was born March 24, 1894 and died January 30, 1930. Lizzie was married to David Charles Walter King. AT this point that is all I know.
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Cecilia Lindsay married Lauchlan John Dempster March 1863. LJ died in 1871, Cecilia married James Kemp (cousins) Cecilia had 5 children with LJ and 4 more with James Kemp
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Taken Circa 1890 Portobello Scotland, my great-grandfather, Lauchlan John Dempster born 1863 and my grandfather, also Lauchlan John born 1884. The Accordian is still in the family.
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My great aunt, Christina Dempster(married Frederick J. Billson, January 2, 1914) died 07 Apr 1964, Portobello Scotland. Sister to Cecilia, Lauchlan John, Janet, Lizzie and James. Anyone know of them?
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Dempster women? Edinburgh, Scotland 1909: Back of this picture states Winners 1909 (possiby 1904) and was sent to us by a great uncle in 1968. Not sure of who they are. Anyone seen this picture before? Edinburgh Scotland.
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Elizebeth Dempster New information - it is not Cecilia, but her sister Christina Dempster bd July 7, 1893 married to Frederick John Billson, Jan. 6 1914. She died in Edinburgh, around 1966-67. Any info. appreciated.
Apr 14, 2004 · posted to the photo Christina Dempster